How To!! How To!! How To Be Spunky Everyday!!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I usually post how-to's on Tuesday, but I was too busy being quirky to write yesterday! Sorry! Wednesday are wacky anyways! Perfect for a post about being silly, happy, and SPUNKY!!

Spunkiness is waking up in the morning with a cheerful smile, an interest in all things wonderful, and a positive attitude about everything!! Now, do I wake up like this everyday? That's a big NO! But I try to bring a little spunkiness into everything I do. And when I feel grumpy, I have to remember that I'm a very spunky girl underneath it all!

How To Be Spunky Everyday!!

♥   Get excited about life!! There are a millions things that are worth happy dancing about!! Always think about those things first! Life seems so much more magical when you find things to be happy about!!

♥   Be quirky!! Play with your food! Jump on your bed! Skip everywhere you go! Doodle! Be who you are and love that person!!

♥   When you are feeling grumpy, don't try to stifle it.  Be honest about crummy moods. Let the people around you know that you are feeling crabby.  You will only feel more cranky with people asking you what is wrong or if you are mad at them.  There is nothing wrong with being grouchy! It happens! Once you allow yourself some grumpy-time, you will cheer up and be spunky again in no time!

♥   If your happy and you know it, be happy!! Dance! Giggle! Sing a happy song!! Give everyone around you high-fives! Give yourself permission to celebrate all of your happy moments! Even the small and silly things in your life are worth celebrating!

♥   Be positive about things!! This isn't always easy, but it really helps you be an overall happy and spunky person.  Put a positive spin on things that seem gross. You can help someone feeling depressed by coming up with things for them to be positive about. The best way to combat the blues is to turn off the sad music and let the sunshine into your life!

♥   I have a special Spunkiness playlist on my ipod just to perk my mood up! I put all kinds of happy music on it! But it's not enough to just listen to it! You have to sing and dance along!! Seriously!

♥   Approach tasks that are not really appealing with a positive attitude.  You will encourage others around you to be more positive and get the job done without complaining.  I started doing this last year and it has made my life so spunky and wonderful! I even have a "Doing the Dishes" and "Cleaning the Bathroom" happy song!!

♥   When people ask you,"Why are you so cheerful today?" you should answer, " Why not be cheerful everyday?!"

♥   Blow bubbles in your milk!! Or whatever you are drinking!

♥   Encourage your friends to be spunky! It's hard to be positive, happy, and spunky when you are constantly around someone who complains about everything.  Personally, I avoid complainers! They make me feel icky!

♥   Things aren't always going to turn out perfect, but that's ok! That's what makes "Life" a live reality show! Anything can happen! Don't beat yourself up about everything! Just shrug off the bad and keep going!

♥   Do something nice for someone else and don't expect anything in return! This is probably my favorite thing to do in the world! I'm a notorious gift-giver! I love making other people smile! It makes you feel ultra-spunky to help someone out with a big a smile! Send your mom some flowers for no reason, cook a warm meal for your friends, give a few dollars to someone in need, donate to Toy for Tots, leave a quarter inside the bubblegum machine!! Random kindness makes you feel amazing!! That's all the gratification you need!

♥   Instead of making plans with your friends, just get together and do whatever comes to mind! Sometimes making plans can make you feel trapped or controlled.  You might plan to go bowling tomorrow, but who knows if you are going to feel like bowling when the time comes!! Spontaneity is the best!

♥  Play "I've never" with your favorite person! Spend the day taking turns doing things you've never done before!

♥   Run through the sprinklers in your clothes!! It's the best!

♥   Make silly faces at your friends when they are upset or stressed! It will make them laugh and cheer them up!

♥   Never absorb negative energy! If you are around someone who just plumb hates life, don't let their negativity rub off on you! If they aren't open to your positive suggestions, leave them alone! You spend enough of your own energy trying to be positive in your own life! You don't need someone dumping their problems on you too!

♥   Stop making up a million "what if?" situations in your mind!! Honestly, "what if?" questions don't deserve answers! They are not worth stressing over because they are not real! Instead of spending time worrying about what might happen, try doing things that make you happy! Hobbies are a worry-wart's best friend!!

♥   When you first wake up in the morning, do something to jump start your spunky mood! Read some lovely blogs! Do jumping jacks! Eat your favorite breakfast foods! Watch cartoons! Write in your journal! Make a list of things worth being spunky about!! Call your best friends and tell them you love them! Make silly noises! Sing at the top of your lungs!! Anything that will help you feel amazing the rest of the day!!

♥   Stop worrying about what strangers are thinking of you and have fun!! This moment in life will never happen again! It's gone! No more! Don't waste it!

There! All done! Whoo! Hope you liked it!

Have an extra super spunky day, lovelies!!

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9 Quirky Comments

  1. I really liked this post! What a cute idea of being spunky everyday!! You are such a cute and inspiring person. I love reading your blogs!

  2. There are so many things to wake up feeling positive about! :)

  3. aww...thanks for these reminders! i love the one that says it's ok to be grouchy. i totally agree! whatever you are feeling is ok and it's not healthy to stifle it, like you said.
    ps..your profile info is so cute and sweet! thanks for the positive vibes lady!

  4. I always got in trouble for blowing bubbles in my drink :P

  5. Hello! Thank you so much for this. I never realized how spunky I had been until I read this. So I wasn't crazy after all ha! This was very lovely to read, and to help me keep this all in mind again. Not only that your helping me flesh out one of my story characters haza! thank you again!

  6. You are so spunky, funny and a positive person! I have followed your tips and I've gone from dorky to popular in a week! Thank you soooo much! You're awesome=D

  7. Sure, sometimes it seems easy to just get up and love life. But I've learned that blowing bubbles in your drink, doing happy dances, making faces, and being generous can't make you truly happy. I think being spunky is about expressing yourself in your personality. Getting excited about life won't all of a sudden make you spunky. Later in life, you'll find that it's hard to be happy about things.

  8. omg this blog made me giggle!!!! i love yew! i was soo heartbroken then i read this!! i will b myself again!! thankx darlin'!;)

  9. I've always been a Nellie Negative kind of gal and I'm SICK of being that way. I've been trying (and failing) to be positive for years now cuz I'm tired of always feeling icky about something or the other even at my happiest, and this lovely blog showed me that it's not as complicated as I thought it was. Thank you so much!

    With love and hugs,


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