What's Inside My Handbag??

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

HIYA Lovelies!!
How is everyone doing this week??

I never post pictures of myself on here, but I'm having a really good hair day! I also want to start posting pictures of myself every once in a while to help me with my self-acceptance!

I just bought some Revlon Photo Ready Foundation and I adore it!
I usually only wear tinted moisturizer and some bare minerals powder, but I really love this makeup! It doesn't feel heavy on my face and it stays put all day. My skin is combination oily and dry, so I have to compensate for that when applying! I have a clear complexion, but I also applied this to one of my friends who has acne scarring and she looked amazing with it on!!! I'm going to do a makeup post sometime soon because I just adore anything that deals with makeup and I would love to hear about the products that you use!

Erica Leigh tagged me in her "everything but the kitchen sink" post and asked me to share what I carry in my purse! I just cleaned out my purse a few days ago so you won't have to see all the gum wrappers, empty water bottles and granola bar wrappers! This teal handbag is one of my favorites! I bought it last summer in Edinburgh, Scotland at Accessorize which is my favorite accessories store ever! I need to use it less because I'm afraid that it might start to become worn.

1.Keys! On my favorite Domo lanyard! I also have an Ugly Doll key chain named Mr. Kasoogi!
2. Planner! It has little pineapples all over it which I thought was pretty quirky!
3. My mini pharmacy! I have advil, claritin-d, pseudophed, band-aids, mini toothbrushes, upset stomach medicine, glucose tablets and lots of chapstick!
4. Hello Kitty Pen Pouch! It is filled with lots of gelly roller and glitter pens!
5. Wallet! Very organized!
6. My self-love bible! Perfect for jotting down a quote here or a random thought there!
7. Extra fruit sensations gum in strawberry banana! I'm a gum-aholic!
8. Lock for my gym locker! It always falls and hits my foot! Owie!
9. iPhonie!! I bought a Hello Kitty case for it over the winter break!
10. My self-love totem! To remind me to love myself!
11. My travel make-up case! It's full of lipstick, a blush and powder palette, and an eyelash curler!
12. Sweet Pea foaming hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works! The foamy hand sanitizer is lots of fun!
13. Accu-check glucose meter and lancet...not fun!

There it is! Nothing really very interesting!

Ok, I've decided to tag some of my favorite blogs!! Jamie, Lindsay, Lex, Cait, Lauren, TAG! You're it!! Lemme see what's in your handbag/purse!! Of course if you have already done a post like this, don't worry about it!
Please feel free to make a post about what you carry inside your purse even if you weren't tagged! Please let me know if you do so I can check it out!

Sending you all lots of positive vibes and warm fuzzies!!

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14 Quirky Comments

  1. Cute bag and I love all the hello kitty stuff :D

    Cute picture your hair looks great!


  2. I. Love. Your. Blog! Amazing post. New follower *waves* xxx

  3. you're so pretty! what a smile :)
    & that is such a fun purse!!!

  4. LOL, you carry around a lot of stuff just like me! and i love how everything in your bag is "themed"...the domo lanyard, hello kitty, and even an uglydoll keychain. so adorable!

    i don't usually wear a lot of foundation or anything either, but i might try that one because you said it's really light. thanks for the recommendation! btw, your photo is super cute! :D

  5. oh accessorize! i love it so much. there's one here between me and the vegetable market - dangerous!! they do have the best bags :)

  6. oh my dear! see at least your bag is tidy....mine is a mess..my husband says it's my own personal garbage can mixed with mary poppins bag! lol

    I'll try to see if I can do a post on it....but i can promise you, it's not pretty!

  7. Hey pretty lady! :) This was a super little post! I love having a nosy into peoples bags, haha :p You sure do love hello kitty! xx

  8. Thanks for tagging me!! Ill definetly join in on the fun!!! Your purse is gorgeous btw, I LOVE the color. All the stuff in your purse is so happy an fun!! Love it!

  9. Such a cute bag! I love teal!

  10. hey jacque :) I did a post like this a couple of months ago but I'm still going to play along! I'm working on my post and I'm hoping to have it up tomorrow. I'll let you know!
    have a great night love,

  11. so much cuteness in one purse! I like all of the hello kitty! I just finished writing a postivie pep talk blog entry but the next one I write I will do a what's in my purse for sure ! :) and awwww you called me Lauren! How precious :)

  12. Hi Jacque! You really are so pretty.

    I was laughing at your mini pharmacy... I think I need to add that in my bag too. We also ahve the same obsession with Hello Kitty.

    I did a "what's in my bag" post some time ago. Here is the link:


    Have a great day! xoxo

  13. jacque - You are so cute . By Accident I ran into this site and I cant seem to get enough - Thank you for being so giving of such awesome words !

  14. I have the same bag! Bought it at Accessorize, Oxford Street, London!!!


Thank you so very much for your lovely comments!