Feeling Anxious?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Do you ever feel anxious? 
I really struggle with anxiety. It is something that bothers me on most days. I have talked a little about my health problems in the past. I'm usually very private about my condition because I don't want anyone to think that I'm just looking for sympathy or attention. I've had many friends tell me that I should try to open up to you guys more about difficult topics like scary health problems and emotional issues. The main reason I usually keep my personal problems out of this blog is because I want to be a positive force in the blog world, and I really don't want to bring anyone down with my issues. 

The truth is, I struggle with anxiety on a daily basis because of some of the medication I have to take. Anxiety isn't something that I can really describe. It's just a terrible and awful feeling. Anxiety affects people differently so it's hard for one person to truly understand how another feels when it comes to anxiety. My mother is constantly telling me that she understands how I feel because she has anxiety about money. That frustrates me because my anxiety is very different from hers. Everyone experiences normal anxieties about stressful situations. My anxiety attacks me for no reason. I start feeling scared and nervous. My hands, arms, and chest start aching. And I have no reason why I feel this way. Sometimes I feel anxious even though I'm having a wonderful day. Have you ever seen Breakfast at Tiffany's? Holly Golightly talked about getting the "mean reds", where one would feel terrified for no reason whatsoever. That's sort of how I feel. Chronic anxiety sometimes makes me feel like life is unbearable.

My younger cousin just recently talked to me a little about her own anxiety. She expressed similar feelings to mine and that made me feel a little less like a freak. She told me that many people take an antidepressant to help with their anxiety. I know that taking medication helps a lot of people, but it's not really an option for me. I really try to deal with this anxiety. I take lots of different vitamin supplements that help with the anxiety symptoms. I go running when I'm feeling extra jittery. I work on a crochet project when my hands start aching. And sometimes I just curl up in a ball on my bed and wait for the anxiety to ebb away. I know that sounds kind of lame. 

I just try to stay positive about it all. That is my main coping mechanism. Sometimes I even irritate myself with my positivity. The main thing I have found is that anxiety requires lots of patience. Patience from your loved ones and patience with yourself. And it also requires lots of self-love.

I just wanted to ask you guys if any of you have issues with anxiety? And if so, how do you deal with it??

I always adore and appreciate all of your feedback!!
♥ !!!

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  1. Aww I know how you feel. I have some pretty severe anxiety and it's the worst thing in the world. My fiancee and I almost broke up from it a few times. It's so horrid. I deal with it in a few ways. I try to read and listen to relaxing music, or watch a pretty movie like Marie Antoinette. Watching that always helps :) I also just constantly tell myself how much love and support I have from everyone around me. And then I know I can make it through anything. Don't worry, I curl up in my bed to. Sometimes that's all there is to do. Just stay positive. I actually refused all forms of treatment my doctor has offered. If it effects my feelings, I'd rather work it out myself. I'm glad you posted this blog. I never get a chance to talk about my anxiety and I feel good now :) I always enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work :)

  2. I had horrible anxiety and panic attacks while living in the dorms. There were nightly fire alarms and those would set me off. There were other times where I would get the fear and heart attack feeling without reason like you. I did try medication but I am very sensitive to medicine and couldn't stay on them long enough for them to help. I do have really good news. my Dr told me that it is very likely that young women will out grow them. It's been 3 years since I was on campus and I haven't have an attack in over 2 years. It sounds like you are already handling it better than I did, but if I think of anything or if my BFF who also has panic attacks has some advice I will def. let you know. I am so glad you feel comfortable posting about this on your site. I've found that my readers and the best encouragers and supporters. I know yours are too because of all the loving comments I see. You will get through this and I'll be here if you need anything.

  3. I just want to say that although I LOVE positive blogs... sharing about personal issues on your blog here and there is real, and human, and takes a lot of courage. I think everyone is entitled to have negative thoughts every once in awhile...but intent shines through.

    And I can tell your intention is to share your heart, NOT to seek sympathy or bring anyone down. Just wanted you to know that. =)

  4. No time to say as much as I 'd like about it but here's what I think and these days even more: If you spend your time waiting for the storm you 'll miss the days with sunshine. That pretty much sums it up.And I try to do my best.

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  6. I feel anxious sometimes too, not the same way as you do of course. When I get anxious I feel restless or start think that people don't like me, hence why sometimes I think I'm being annoying or am a bother and when that happens I feel like I want to run far far away or sometimes crawl up under a rock. I don't usually like to admit it to anyone but it's true it happens to me. I try to listen to music, I watch NCIS and that makes me the feel the best of everything I do(even though Idk where it is atm =(..), and talking to my boyfriend(he always seems to calm me down even though he doesn't know he is doing so).

  7. i have suffered with severe anxiety for a long time! sometimes, its crippling. some ways i have of dealing with it are being able to talk with a friend,or taking a hot bath and reading a book-concentrating on the plot keeps my mind occupied. and sometimes i lay down and make myself sleep and wait for it to go away! i'm glad you shared your struggles with this! it's nice to know we're not alone :)

  8. I have suffered with anxiety for agesss... for most of the time i have just taken medication to deal with it, but last week i started hypnotherapy and it has seriously worked wonders in one session...

    maybe look into alternative therapies!

    hope it gets better for you :) x

  9. I deal with anxiety too. It is a lot better than it used to be. I used to have panic attacks a lot but I am learning how to cope with them and sometimes even keep them from happening. I have a lot of trouble at night when I lay down. When everything is dark and quiet my mind is super loud worrying about stupid things (dying or family & friends dying are the biggest things I worry about - and I have no reason to even be worrying about them). I have learned to focus my brain on something more enjoyable like my crocheting. I like to come up with new projects and how I would go about doing them. Eventually I will forget that I am anxious or fall asleep and I will feel better in the morning.

    In high school my doctor put me on medication but I quit after a few months. In college my panic attacks were worse than ever and my school counselor wanted me to go see someone for medication but I am glad I refused. I hate being on medication and the ways I have made to make myself feel better work much better than some medication could :)

  10. I totally understand how you feel. I have panic attacks whenever I start feeling insecure about my relationship with my bf. I don't know if it helps, but I'll either pray or stop all the thoughts from coming, so that it doesn't snowball into a big issue. Most of the time, it helps. Explore different ways to manage your anxiety.

    Don't worry about sharing about these things. It shows us a real side of you, I'm sure other readers will agree on this. Keep sharing! :)

  11. You are most definitely not alone with your anxiety and it's truly horrible. I have a lot of difficulties with anxiety and sometimes really struggle to cope. I find it really hard to talk about it because unfortunately it is one of those things that unless you suffer from it you don't really understand the effect that it has.

    I tried medication to try and help but I didn't like it at all so I stopped. Now I try and deal with my anxiety by doing things that help take my mind off it which normally calms me down. I read, stitch, pray and breathe deeply, sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.

    I love reading your blog, its so happy and cheers me up when I'm having a bad day. You shouldn't worry about sharing such stuffs, we are only human after all.

    Chin up and much love :)

  12. Hey, random suggestion but have you tried eating bananas? I know... it sounds weird! But my anxiety used to be so bad that I could go for days without eating just because the 'butterflies' were too strong. My mum, the marvellous science teacher that she is, recommended eating bananas and it really does calm down the symptoms. Cutting out caffeine, if you drink it, is a really good idea too.
    I hate taking pills as well, and have found that changing my diet has been so effective, there's loads of useful websites if you look :)

    Jen x

  13. i have pretty mild anxiety sometimes but when i get it it drives me crazy. there isn't a whole lot i can do, but i try to just sit and meditate for a little. taking that time to just breathe and reflect really helps to calm myself down.

  14. Hey Jacque. I have anxiety problems too. I tried taking meds for it but it only made it worse. It has gotten really bad since the hubby deployed and I find myself extremely anxious, heart racing all the time and extreme nervousness. It can really take a toll on me physically as well bc I was so "tightened". If you ever need anyont to talk too, I'm here.

  15. Look how much support and love you have here on your sweet blog! ^^^^^^
    As you can see, you're not alone (I too suffer from anxiety attacks)

    Wishing you the best and sending you all my support and love, Briana.

  16. I've struggled with depression in the past and I got agoraphobia, so I know how you feel. I suffer with anxiety quite regularly. Everything from the shakes to nausea. I tend to take a long, hot shower and settle down with a light-hearted film or something comedic. Or a light-hearted book or magazine. I just take time for myself. xxx

  17. Hey Honey....

    I too suffer from anxiety and depression... Everyone is different... Being it the way u suffer and the way u deal with it... As Jen said above Bananas are good for the serotonin chemicals in your brain... Also another good thing is Vanilla... I wear vanilla oil from the body shop religiously.. This has also been proven to be good for the brain chemicals linked to Anxiety and depression....

    I like watching Glee when i am feeling down... spesh the episode when Kurt does the "Single Ladies" dance...

    I think its great that u are shareing info with us about your life... Its good to know something about the person who writes blogs...

    I also follow u on twitter... and i dont believe that those people stopped following you because u are boring... Love i have learnt that after everything we can't worry about others... Who cares what they think of us... We are fabulous the way we are...

    Sending you love from Down Under...

    xox Stace - Littlemissymoo...


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