20 Ways to Infuse Your Week With MAGIC!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Monday!!

Jump for joy this week! Celebrate everyday!

20 Ways to Infuse Your Week With MAGIC!
★ Meditate in the morning right after waking up from your lovely dreams. 

★ Sing your favorite songs into a fan!! Use funny voices! Make up a happiness song! 

★ Buy some colorful gummi bears and have fun playing with them! 

★ Look at pictures of stars! Cut out your favorite stars and paste them in your room.

★ Have a magic show!! 

★ Doodle lots of pictures of unicorns!!

★ Watch or read Where the Wild Things Are!

★ Bake mini cupcakes!!! Decorate them with colorful sprinkles!

★ Go wild with glitter!! Get some glitter hairspray!! Cover your eyelids in glittery eyeshadow! Paint your toes with glittery nail polish!

★ Take a nap somewhere in your home where you normally don't nap. 

★ Buy a pet goldfish and give him an extremely long name!! 

★ Use Marie Antoinette as your guide while creating your outfits for the week!

★ Take pictures of all sorts of flowers! Print them out and create a collage!

★ Daydream about owls!

★ Wear your favorite charm bracelet or bangles! Let the jingly sound of your bracelet remind you to love yourself the most.

★ Make heart shaped pancakes for yourself!

★ Dye your hair an off-the-wall color like purple or teal! Even if the color is just temporary! Pretend that you are mermaid! 

★ Adopt a black cat!! There are so many animals out there in need of a good home!! If a black cat crosses your path, take it as a good omen! 

★ Grab ice cream cones with your friends! Debate over what flavor is the best! 

★ Celebrate all the littles things that make you smile!! 

 Have a MAGICAL week, Lovelies!!
♥ ya!
Photos via weheartit and tumblr

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11 Quirky Comments

  1. hey you! :) hahaha that was definitely interesting! :) i shall try the singing into the fan ! ;) ur post definitely made my Monday more vibrant! :) cheers! much love... xxx

  2. HaHa...love your posts.. they always brightened my day.. i just started blogging and would like for u to check it out... http://wittychicksinspirations.blogspot.com/

    looking foward to reading more :)

  3. Such pretty images!! I think my favorite was the rainbow of cupcakes. Mmmmm delicous. I wanted to give you a little heads up that my Happy Mail letter is just now being mailed today. I was working in Philly all weekend and the hotel had no stamps! Who does that? Have a lovely Monday!!!!

  4. o: luv the purple hair (i've got the mermaid thing down) and so much glittery magic. tomoro check out my blog becaue you have won!


  5. This is too adorable! i love it!

  6. I love all of these ideas! They are so happy and magical :)

    I gave you a blog award, by the way! you can see it on my blog!

    have an amazing week!

    xo, gina

  7. I have chosen you for an award here: http://goodmorninbeautiful.blogspot.com/2010/09/versatile-award.html

  8. What a lovely blogpost, thanks for all the ideas x

  9. I LOVE this post! So stinkin' cute! I will have to try some of these ideas!

  10. Yum yum yum, I love gummi bears! Great post! :)

  11. Awww...love ur posts girl! u inspire me to write like u!


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