I'm Seeing Stars!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

So, I sort of gave myself a concussion last weekend. I've been struggling with dizzy spells, ringing ears, and intense headaches all week. I bet you are wondering how I gave myself a concussion. Well, it's a short and extremely lame story. I was in a mad rush. If you know me well, you know that I tend to spaz out when I'm in a hurry. I went to open my car door, (and when I say open, I mean OPEN) and I slammed the door into my forehead with a big BANG! I'm so graceful, no? I decided to draw an illustration of what I looked like right after I hit my head. 

I decided that I want to start posting my drawings on my blog again. I stopped posting weekly doodles a few months ago. The main reason I stopped is because of some of the comments I received when I was posting. Now, I'm not saying I don't appreciate constructive criticism. It's just that I'm a very sensitive person, and I tend to take hurtful comments personally. I guess I just want you all to know that I don't consider myself a professional artist. Drawing/sketching is a hobby for me. I understand that some people just want to be helpful with their criticism, but I think that being downright mean is definitely not helpful. So, if you have something mean to say, please just stop reading my blog. It hurts my feelings too much to read mean comments. 

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! Yay!! Hope you had an exceptionally happy week!!

♥ ya!

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11 Quirky Comments

  1. oh my gosh, ouch! as a fellow klutz i sympathize. hope you feel better soon. headaches everyday are no fun.

  2. Oh no! maybe you have got concussion! Oops! Hope your headaches stop soon. That's so weird that people wrote mean comments on your blog, I really dn't understand what makes people do that, so unnesesary ad nasty. Hope you have a lovely (accident free!) weekend!
    x Beth

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon! I had concussion awhile ago it was horrible. Have a lovely weekend xxx

  4. wow that sounds like something I would do. I have been known to sneeze into my knee (hit my forhead) and hit my forehead on my desk when I sneeze too... You'll laugh about this later... <3

    Hope the headaches and dizzies go away soon!

  5. ooo that prolly didnt feel good! i hope u start to get better soon. and i like ur doodle!


  6. I love your blog =3

    So I gave it an award :D


  7. here is so many inspirations!


  8. your doodle is adorable! can't please everyone, though. some people just like to be mean, makes them feel better i think. so just try to brush them off, as hard as it can be sometimes.

    happy monday!


  9. Cute drawing! You are really talented, girl!

  10. be careful and don't see stars once more

  11. Were stars' colours beaufitul?Did you see yellow stars?


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