Looking Forward to Autumn!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I'm looking forward to Autumn, Lovelies!
The first day of Fall is in TWO WEEKS!! Ah! 

A Quirky Girl's Reasons to Look Forward to Fall!
★ Pumpkins!!!

★  Cute pajama sets!! I have a pair of pajamas with sock monkeys on them. Can't wait to wear them!

★  Autumn walks are my favorite!!!

★  Lots of Candles!

★  Bats!

★  Cute Ghosts!

★  Scarves! I have so many cute scarves that I'm dying to wear!

★  Raking the leaves!

★  All the different colors in the trees as the seasons change! So beautiful!

★  Black cats!

★  Sipping hot tea on a chilly Autumn day!!

★  Autumn Crafts!!!!! I had to restrain myself at Michael's the other day. I wanted to buy all the cute Fall stickers and scrapbook paper!

★  Halloween Parties!!

★  Finding the perfect Halloween costume!!

★  Afternoon naps on an Autumn day!! Snuggling under a cozy afghan with a pair of fuzzy slippers!!

★  Cute Halloween novelty items like pumpkin pj's and spider web tights!! 

★  Trick-or-treaters!!! Love to see all their cute costumes!

What are you looking forward to the most, Lovelies???

♥  !

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6 Quirky Comments

  1. So cute!! :) I can't wait for fall to be here either! It's my absolute favorite season.

    i seriously cannot wait for the colder weather!
    tights and scarves and jackets are my favorite!!!
    and i can't wait for hot chocolate!

  3. Autumn is awesome :)

    Such a cute little blog! The chocolates are adorable!

    Personally looking forward to smokey breath, the smell of frosty air, jumpers :) and hot chocolate :D

  4. I just did a post a couple days ago on my Fall Favorites too. ☺


  5. i'm beyond excited for fall! and i love that little graph in the first image :)

  6. dude im ttly following u. i think u followed me, but too lazy to figure out. if not hey still luv ya (and ya better follow...lol).



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