Make Mondays Marvelous!

Monday, September 20, 2010

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Happy Monday!!

Aren't Mondays just the best?? The start of a new week! A fresh beginning! A blank canvas! 

To be honest, Mondays are rough. They can easily be filled with blah-ness. The key to an AMAZING Monday starts with your attitude. Jump into the beginning of the week with enthusiasm, positivity, and lots of smiles. 

I challenge you to

Make Your Monday Marvelous!!

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What are some ways to make your Monday MAGICAL??

★ Set your alarm a little early so you can lay in bed thinking about the coming week as you wake up. Think positively about all your projects, work ideas, and outings. Give yourself a little pep talk  about how freakin' amazing your week is going to be. 

★ Make a Monday jam playlist! Put your favorite upbeat songs on it. Someone recently asked me to post a playlist of my favorite songs (which I need to work on). You have to understand that my taste in music is extremely eclectic. At the moment, I'm loving Adam Lambert's "If I Had You" for my morning wake up routine. 

★ Make an effort to smile and be pleasant to everyone you encounter. Greet all of your friends, acquaintances, and co-workers with warm words and big smiles. 

★ Continually remind yourself to celebrate all the little things. Do a mini happy dance every time something good happens. Personally, I happy dance about everything from my morning tea latte to brand new post-its. It's all important and wonderful to me. 

★ Take some time to get organized for the week. You will be much more cheerful once everything is in order. Make a weekly to-do list and spread all your tasks out over the week. 

★ Don't worry so much about being perfect. Things don't always have to go by a plan in order to be fantastic.

★Celebrate today because you will never get this day back. Once it's over, it's over for good. Make this day and every day count. I know that sounds  a tad cheesy, but it's true. 

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Be Happy! It's MONDAY!!

♥ YOU!! 

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  1. AH! I LOVE these! It's now Monday evening here in Australia but I think that these tips are fantastic to use every day :)

  2. You always have the most adorable, inspiration posts. I'm in love with your blog.

    Btw we are having our first giveaway. I hope you can come over to our blog and check it out.

  3. I gave you an award on my blog!

  4. oh you should check out for the monday post. ull like it. also did u see my post inspired by you? and u win a blog award tomoro!

  5. sry to comment again but youo have won an award on my blog.

  6. i love that every time i visit your blog i leave a little happier. we need that extra positive boost in life, don't we?

  7. This is such an AWESOME post!!! All of these suggestions made me smile!

  8. I'm going to try to make all of my Mondays marvelous now! Feeling so inspired!


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