Photo Fun!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

I'm not sure how interesting my weekly photos are, but I'm challenging myself to take more photos by having a photo post every week. I really love taking random photos. I need to start carrying my camera with me everywhere I go. That will definitely encourage me to take more pictures. Just to warn you, this post is pet-picture heavy. So if that doesn't interest you, look away!

Hope you are having a lovely week!!

Photo Fun: Weekly Photo Challenge!
I'm always making funny faces at the camera. So quirky!

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8 Quirky Comments

  1. interesting love love it! loving the quirky face :) what model is ur Nikon? have u tried using a Canon? what made u decide on Nikon? xxx

  2. I love your hands by the water! It's so pretty!

  3. your orange cat looks like mine!

    so cuuuute

  4. aww. ur cats really cute! (and p.s. i love hello kitty!)

    check mine?:

  5. I love all of these pictures and I know what you mean, the weather's been pretty hot and humid here in the UK too. Autumn will be a nice respite :) xxx

  6. Love the animals! One of my cats looks similar to yours!!

  7. heyyy cutie pie,
    i love your photo's!
    keep up this challenge...
    it's sooo fun!



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