What Makes My Heart Happy!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

My heart is bursting with happiness this week, Lovelies!
I have been adding a millions things to my mental list of happiness all week. I love having a million reasons to happy dance. Hope your week was filled with all sorts of loveliness!

What Makes My Happy This Week!

Chai Tea Lattes

♥ Rainy Day Escapades!

♥ Fruit Salad

♥ Lunch Dates with my Mom!

♥ Pumpkin Spice Candles

♥ Puppy Noses

♥ Singing in the shower!

♥ My PB and J Scarf!

♥ Pushing Daisies! Why didn't anyone tell me about this adorable show??

♥ My cute badges and Ella the Elephant from Pixies and Bears!

♥ Being Brave!

♥ My Pink Clarisonic Mia! Ah, my face is so happy!

♥ Making up silly songs about all the little things!

♥ Ballet flats

♥ Tarte lip stain

♥ Receiving flowers =) Sorry for the crummy phone camera picture!

♥ Late night journalling

♥ Cinnamon apple sauce

♥ Super Mario Brothers on the Wii! I'm so addicted!!

What Makes Your Happy, Lovelies??

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7 Quirky Comments

  1. Hi there! I'm pretty new to your blog. I love your positivity! it's very inspiring!
    (things making me happy this week are: my sister's birthday, strawberry cake, doing lots of embroidery, and the squirrel who lives in my garden)
    x Beth


  2. Such a cute post! :}
    Things that make me happy this week are: my bf saying he'll be home in two weeks, amazing films, bouncing on sofas, puppies having dreams, morris dancing :D

  3. thx for checking out my blog ms.happy. everyone should be as happy as you. spread ur luv to goths and kinda-goths like me lol.


  4. So cute i agree with most of these!

  5. Deer Little Fawn: Aw! That is so cute that you have a squirrel friend!! That would make me happy too!

    Caits: I want to bounce on my sofa now too!! Sounds like a lot of fun!!

    Emily: Thanks!! Hope you're having a happy day! =)

  6. Your journal is so cuteee. looks like my but a lot more colorful & creative <3

    So far... this week, coming home to my bed after a lomg day of work then school makes my heart the happiest. OH & pumpkin spice lattes <3

    Have a great wknd.


  7. heyyy lovely! love the picssss .. .hmmm singing in the shower makes me happy,,, ballet flats make me happy looking for a good pair know which to get??? :) anddd being brave makes me happy and many other things like inspiring emails and quotes... a rainy day ... napping ;) etc etc :) Cheers! have a lovely day! :)


Thank you so very much for your lovely comments!