Hello October!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

I know that I'm a little late, but

Hello October!!

I'm so glad that October is finally here!! It's probably one of my favorite months!! 

I'm absolutely loving Janel's 'I Heart Fall' Class! It's been a really good source of stress relief for me!
I've been journaling at my own pace because I can easily stress myself out over nothing. 

I seriously heart fall ♥!

Here's some of what I've done so far:

What do you love most about Fall, Lovelies???

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7 Quirky Comments

  1. Your journal pages are really cute and colorful, girl! I love the one with the colors of fall. It's really pretty! My favorite thing about fall are the colorful leaves and the hot apple cider. So tasty!

  2. Your pages are super cute! =) They made me want to scrapbook! I love pumpkin spice lattes from starbucks and pumpkin pie. Notice the pumpkin reoccurrence wooo I LOVE PUMPKIN everything haha I also looooove Halloween and yummy turkey on thanksgiving!


  3. lovin' the scrapbook, my favourite part of fall would definitely be bringing out the cute scarfs and knits after a long, hot summer!
    oh, and splashing around in puddles and eating toffee apples is unbeatable!

  4. looks like a adorable notebook. i must say halloween is my fave thing.


  5. i like the smell of autumn.....for me it smells like halloween (although its normally just the smell of leave bonfires)
    although, its kinda strange here in egypt because it still feels like summer, no autumn for me this year!

  6. You made these? They're fantastic! They put a smile on my face!

  7. I love your journal pages! So creative you are! Sorry I have been M.I.A. as of late, busy with work and life stuff. I heart fall simply because of everything pumpkin or apple flavoured, the colors of fall leaves, HALLOWEEN, and cozy crisp air. XOXO, Danielle.


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