The Little Things That Make My Heart Smile

Friday, December 10, 2010


Hope your week was filled with a million reasons to happy dance!

I've had the BEST week! I've felt amazing the entire week!
I'm getting giddy with excitement for all the holiday festivities to come!
And seeing all the Christmas lights at night makes me squee with glee!
I love love love this time of the year!

The Little Things That Make My Heart Smile

Pink Christmas Trees!

♥ The BEAUTIFUL necklace that my Sweetie got me for Christmas!! I adore it!

♥ Strawberries!

♥ Panda Bears!

♥ Elf! One of my favorite holiday movies!

♥ This Quote!

♥ Going on a Christmas lights tour with my Love! This was my favorite display!

♥ Disney's Tangled

♥ Planning a shopping trip with my sister

♥ Finding out that there is finally a baby for my brother and sister-in-law to adopt (that's not him/her). Their baby is due in a few weeks, and we are all bursting with excitement! Expect tons of pictures!

♥ Pancake brunch with my boyfriend!!

♥ Rose inspired accessories! 

Cups of hot chai tea!

♥ Beautiful dark red hair! I would love to dye my hair this color!

♥ Glitter makeup!

♥ Apollo, my adorable and quirky cat! 

♥ Ballet inspired fashion!

♥ Vera Wang's Princess! It's my favorite perfume!

♥ Gingerbread houses! 

♥ Sketching in all my spare time!

♥ Candy canes!!

What Makes Your Heart Smile?? :)

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5 Quirky Comments

  1. I just watched 'Elf'! It's a beautiful story about Christmas. :)

  2. i LOVELOVELOVELOVE elf. omg it is like the only christmas movie i like and i can like act out complete scenes and i just love it so much! whew spazzy, but its just soo good.

  3. Hello sweetie! You are so sweet, your posts make my heart all quirky and warm!
    First i want to congrats on the baby :D Can't wait to see it! I think it's wonderful that they adoped!
    Love the photos! The pink x-mass tree is so uniqe! I will for sure one day paint my purple :D
    So much stuff make me smile... lately everything Hello Kitty... i even got a cup for carrying coffe around :D

  4. Cute as hell blog. Thanks, it made me smile.


Thank you so very much for your lovely comments!