Weekend Happiness!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy Weekend, Lovely!!

There are so many possibilities on the weekend and a million wonderful things to do! 

Weekend Happiness!
Why Don't You...

♥ Make waffles!! I really love waffles! Top them with something tasty like fresh strawberries or traditional maple syrup! Yum!

♥ Get all dressed up in one of your favorite outfits and go out to eat with your friends! Indulge in tasty food!

♥ Fold origami hearts for all the people you love! Instructions are here

♥ Bake gingerbread cookies!! Super yummy!

♥ Experiment with different looks with makeup! I just recently did a smoky eye tutorial for the first time.  I looked like a completely different person!!

♥ Have a spa day! Either at home or at a fancy spa! Make sure to get a mani/pedi and be daring with the shade of polish you choose!! And just relax!

♥ Have fun with glitter!!! Crafts, makeup, anything!!

♥ Create a place where you can hang up letters and cards that you receive! Maybe a fancy cork board or ribbon board!

♥ Spend the day catching up on your favorite blogs!

♥ Write your own fairy tale where you are the princess/prince and your friends are the dwarfs, elves, unicorns, fairies, and dragons!

♥ Print out some coloring sheets and color them for your friends! Use lots of different colors!

♥ Go somewhere quiet and put on your favorite music. Relax and listen. 

♥ Transform something old and useless into something helpful! I turned some old buttons into a cute pair of earrings.

♥ Go through your wardrobe and clean out what you don't wear anymore. If you haven't worn it in over a year, get rid of it! Buy clothes that fit and get rid of ones that are too small or too big! It makes room for new pieces and helps you see what you already have that you love!

♥ Go see The Chronicle of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader! I just saw it last night and really liked it!

♥ Have a photographic adventure with your friends! Go to different places and take pictures while doing silly things!

♥ Create a string of paper people! It's really fun and silly! Draw clothes and faces on them! Give them really spiffy names! Instructions here!

♥ Go shopping at an antique store! You can find the cutest things for really cheap! I like to buy china because you can mix and match different patterns.

♥ Appreciate the wonderous miracles in nature!

♥ Start a collection of something quirky! I collect hippos, stickers, and costume jewelry.

♥ Have a massive cleaning day! Scrub your tub, wash your clothes, organize your room, vacuum the rugs, and then take a nap after all the work is over!

Hope your weekend is AMAZING!!!

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8 Quirky Comments

  1. Hey lovely.
    I just wanted to let you know that I've only been following your blog for a short period of time but it's very refreshing to me how full of life and inspiration you are. It must come so naturally to you.

    However, THIS is my favorite blog I've seen of yours. Very creative and good suggestions. :) The moment is now, right? ♥

  2. Thank you for those wonderful suggestions! <3

  3. sweet. love the paper heart thing. i printed out the directions and shall do if i can figure it out. and tomor i am making ginagabread men! excited. love the music thing, and Narnia (is that caspian with the beard!?), and most def will be taking that sweet heart pic! great post.


  4. Hi! I love your list this week! Where did you get the picture of dresses from? They're really beautiful! :)

  5. Your blog is awesome! Those dresses are soooo pretty! Come visit me at www.HalleAnderson.com

  6. waffles! glitter! crayons! zopmg. such a colorful post. i love it.

  7. And there's another smile from me. Love your posts!!


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