Monday, January 31, 2011

 Oh, February!!! You really have no idea how excited I am that you have arrived!!! Today is the very last day of January and then it will finally be FEBRUARY!! 

I have always been pretty nuts about February and Valentine's Day. I know that a lot of people are anti-Valentine's Day (my sister is among the many Valentine Haters), but it is definitely my favorite holiday. I absolutely adore the idea of a day devoted to love. Not just the kind of love between couples. The whole wide world bursting with lots and lots of LOVE! That just excites me!! 

I have so many ideas, goals, and plans in store for this coming month! I'm literally bouncing in my seat with excitement! In 3 weeks or so, our chamber choir will go on tour for a few days in San Antonio and Austin! AND we are going to see WICKED on our final night of touring! AH! SO excited! We are already planning outfits and coordinating our itinerary around some other fun events. CANNOT WAIT!

ALSO, My boyfriend and I are going to celebrate our first Valentine's Day together this month! I know that sounds super cheesy (and most of the Valentine's cynics are probably rolling their eyes right about now), but I am so happy and thrilled to be able to say that I have someone like Zeth to spend Valentine's Day with. He makes every day feel like Lovey Dovey Day.

Well, glad you came and went! Here's January in retrospect:

Good times!!!

Have an AH-MAY-ZING week, Lovelies!! Don't get sick! Apparently there is a nasty stomach bug going around right now. So make sure to wash your hands religiously and get plenty of rest!!! 

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8 Quirky Comments

  1. Valentine's Day is one of my most favourite holidays! I love love love LOOOOOVE all the red/pink everywhere & all the heart-shaped goodness! Plus, I just love all the love stuff & all the mushy things too!

    I'm super happy that you & your boyfriend get to spend your first Valentine's Day together! YAY !!!! I hope you have a beautifully magical day <3

    I've seen Wicked a few times and LOOOOOVE it so much !!! Is this your first time? If so, you're going to totally squee! It's AMAZING !!!!!


  2. Such cute pictures as always. Jacque! Sounds like you have a lot of exciting things to look forward to in February. Hope you have lots of fun when you go see Wicked!!

  3. hello there lovely! i'm so glad you finally visited my blog! your comment made me smile so big! like hello? i really want to know you!? lol. i'm one of your readers, and just reading your posts make my little heart happy! :)

    have a sweet valentines day! ♥

  4. Awwww, I like Valentine's Day too. This will be my first one single in three years though so it may feel a bit strange, but I've got through them single before. However I am somewhat seeing someone and I'm hoping he'll pull out for me :) But if not, I'll still enjoy the day :) xx

  5. You are so adorable. More people need your enthusiasm for life!! xo

  6. Woot for February! Especially since the Winter Storm, I wasn't all happy about it but no school for two days! SIGN ME UP! haha

    BTW I love valentines day! I once was a cynic but now I loooove it! and at first I was going to say First I was a cynic.. and then the song I will Survive came into my head so... here goes. *sings*

    "First I was afraid
    I was petrified
    Kept thinking I could never live
    without you by my side
    But I spent so many nights
    thinking how you did me wrong
    I grew strong
    I learned how to carry on
    and so you're back
    from outer space
    I just walked in to find you here
    with that sad look upon your face
    I should have changed my stupid lock
    I should have made you leave your key
    If I had known for just one second
    you'd be back to bother me"

  7. Oh what a lovely montage of Januarys pictures. Your blog is so lovely and colourful, it's really brightened up my day xxx

  8. Awww this is a sweet post. I love the idea of Valentine's Day too but as you say, so many people hate it now! I don't have anyone to spend it with, but I hope you have a great day. xxx


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