Photo Fun!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011


I'm so excited that I've been taking lots of random photos lately! It makes my photo fun posts a lot more exciting, at least for me! Here is another batch of quirky pictures taken by yours truly! I took a few of these with my iPhone camera so the quality isn't wonderful. I tried to edit those iPhone pictures to make their quality a little better, but there was only so much I could do with some of them. Also, some of these pictures are from my New Year's celebration with my Bestie, Lauren. And of couse there are several pet pictures! 

Lots of !!!

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8 Quirky Comments

  1. All these photos are so cute. I really enjoy your photo posts.

  2. I love your jeans in the top photo... very cute!

  3. happy new year cutie pie!!!!
    omg is that a photo of your room?
    it's soooooooo cute, i love it
    always cuteness on your blog

  4. hello miss jacque... :)
    i'm haze.. i really love your blog. it has so much i also love your cat apollo. haha. and your dog... whats his name again? anyways, he looks like my dog. :)
    can we be friends?

    anyways, thank you for your posts. it really does help me a lot. most specially in times like this. :D

  5. Love the photos of your pets, they're gorgeous. Hope you had a wonderful New Year's Eve! Here's my blog link -
    Love your blog

  6. very nice photography, specially your cat is so cute and adorable. I also like to take random shots, it's a real fun. Nice sharing..

  7. Hey there. I love your new web design. Just checking in to see how you are doing. Haven't seen an update in a while. Are you back in school? Hope all is well.


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