10 Ways to Cope With a Depressed Mood

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Depression is one of those really confusing and frustrating emotions that we all deal with. Some of us are better at coping than others. Honestly Lovelies, I struggle with my fair share of depression. I've always been a fairly sensitive person and have struggled with bouts of unexplainable sadness. Mix that in with the pressures and struggles of being a girl in our society and one has a seemingly impossible problem with depression.  I think that everyone is different and deals with things in their own way, so it might seem like no one understands what you going through. Please know that if you struggle with any type of depression, you are not struggling alone. I think that feeling of aloneness is the worst part of depression. 

** I received a very rude comment today in regard to this post. I would just like to clarify that these tips are just my personal suggestions for a depressed mood. I am not claiming to have knowledge about clinical depression nor am I saying that these tips will help treat clinical depression. 

Also, if you have any constructive criticism in which you feel compelled to share in a comment, please be polite. I don't handle negative criticism very well as it is, and it is my desire to keep any negative energy off my personal blog. All rude comments will not be posted. If these rude comments persist, I will be forced to turn off my comments (which I would really hate to do because I love hearing from all of you lovelies). To all of you who have been supportive and helpful, thank you. I appreciate you more than you know.

Here are some of my own personal ways to deal with depression:

10 Ways to Cope With a Depressed Mood

★ Write down how you are feeling. There are many different ways to express your feelings through pen and paper. You can write a letter to yourself or to someone who may have caused your depression. You can vent to an unbiased ear about all the things that you are dealing with and how they make you feel. You can sketch out doodles of your thoughts. Or you can just scribble on the pages. Scribbling can be extremely therapeutic.

★  Be sure that you are tending to your basic needs. Are you getting enough sleep at night? Are you eating a well-balanced diet? Are you getting enough sunlight every day? Are you eating often enough? Are you taking any medicine that you may be prescribed? These are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself every day. You have to be responsible for your personal needs and take care of yourself in accordance with those specific needs. You deserve to have all of your basic needs met. If you are having trouble caring for yourself, ask someone close to you for help.

Put on your favorite music. One of my coping mechanisms is to put on my headphones, tune out the world, and listen to my favorite songs on my iPod. Make a playlist specifically for a crummy day and include all of the songs you're really into at the moment. Or include sad songs that make you feel, cry, and think. Sometimes that helps too.

Get physical. Get your heart pumping. Go for a jog or hit the gym for a little while. There is a simple therapy in physical activity. Plus working out releases endorphins which will help your mood. I often go for a long walk or jog when I'm feeling down. It also frees your mind for some deep thinking. 

★ Tend to your basic senses. Take an extra long bath or shower. Use aromatherapy candles, lotion, or bath salts. Ask someone close to give you a massage or get a professional massage if that is an option for you. Get a pedicure. Enjoy a bowl of your favorite soup. Go to your local coffee shop and enjoy the smells. Rent some movies and spend some time just relaxing on your couch while you watch them. Have a tickle fight with someone who makes you smile.

★ Talk to someone about what is bothering you. Even if you just cry a little bit, it will make you feel better to have someone to talk to. Just be careful who you confide in and make sure that they will respect your confidence. Sometimes I even vent to my dog. He just tilts his head at me, but he is a pretty good listener.

★ Distract yourself. Watch your favorite movie or television show. Bake some cookies. Visit a local park and swing on the swingset. Color or doodle. Build a house of cards (or at least try to). Read a book you've been meaning to get to. Clean up your room or wash up the dishes. Grab your camera and take lots of random pictures. Organize your closet or clear out your desk.

Do something nice for yourself. Grab a pint of your favorite ice cream (ice cream has magical depression-quelling powers). Buy yourself a new outfit or a new pair of shoes. Take a extra long nap. Write yourself a letter and describe all the lovely things about yourself. Take a lovely bubble bath.

★ Indulge in your favorite comfort food. I am not promoting emotional-eating, but there is nothing wrong with indulging in some comfort food occasionally when situations in life seem overwhelming. I'm definitely a pasta girl. Bring on the macaroni elbows, fettuccine, or farfalle!! Yum!

Listen to yourself. You know what is best for yourself better than anyone in the world. If you need some time to rest or be alone, do it. It's so easy to get wrapped up in your life, the needs of others, and all the expectations that people have of you. When you aren't feeling %100, you need to disregard the world and do what is best for yourself. You need to be patient and loving to yourself. 

How do you cope with depression, Lovely??

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15 Quirky Comments

  1. Thank you so much for posting this list. I struggle a lot with random sadness and depression. I always feel like a freak and that no one understands how I feel. It really makes me feel better to know that I'm not the only one who goes through this kind of thing. These are some really awesome suggestions. I will have to try to them next time I'm feeling sad.

  2. Just what I needed to hear today. Thanks! I hope you are feeling better and having a great day! You've helped so many with this post I'm sure.

  3. Thanks for posting this! People always need to be reminded that depression isn't a sign of weakness and it's okay to admit you're depressed and get help :)

  4. this was a great post.
    as a long time depression victim, i've learned to cope with it without medication. i try to do things that make me happy and that free my mind of the ominous thoughts that usually cloud it when my depression is really bad.
    but the best thing i've found is getting out of bed in the morning, getting dressed and going out. it doesn't matter if you do it alone, it doesn't matter where you go, but actually getting out of bed and living has been the best thing for me.

    thanks for this post. it was lovely.

  5. Jacque,
    Thanks for posting this helpful information in such a way that people can hopefully understand that it's normal to feel depressed sometimes. I especially liked the reminders about taking care of ourselves. This is easy to inadvertently push aside when you have a demanding job and family to tend to.

    Your postings are so positive and upbeat -- you are a joy to read!

  6. I am a really big fan of comfort food. Macaroni and cheese, chocolate, pasta, chicken noodle soup and all that. The more the better. It never fails to make me happy. :)

  7. Comfort food is a must for me. Macaroni and cheese, pasta, chicken noodle soup, chocolate, and all that. Never fails to make me happy! :)

  8. It's 4:57 am here in Paris and I was feeling way too sad to sleep. My energy was low. I was feeling restless. Overwhelmed. And disheartened. I was lacking in motivation. But mostly, I was just really sad.

    But then I read your blog.

    And I feel a bit better. It made me smile. And wonder. And made me want to make plans for tomorrow. It gave me ideas, made me feel good, and happy. And now I think I can sleep.

    Thank you. I am going to keep reading you blog because it's really positive. It makes me want to love life...and be happy again.

  9. yep. right there with you! i agree with all your suggestions too. sometimes also i'll watch a movie to make me cry...to just get it out of me. or a movie to make me laugh...depends on the situation. or call a friend who can raise my mood. being in the sun helps if that is at all possible or by water or trees. i have some cds by lousie hay and she is a very positive woman and hearing her voice calms me. she sounds like the perfect caring grandma! :)

  10. I've never suffered from depression (though I've seen people close to me go through it) but I think this is a brilliant list. The only thing I wanted to comment on is the "treat yourself" point, especially the part about buying new stuff. I sometimes take that too far and use new stuff as a replacement for empty feelings. Cheers me up temporarily but doesn't really get to the root of the problem. Just in the same way that some people abuse alcohol while they're upset.

    I know some people won't take it as literally as I did I just wanted to put out the idea that "retail therapy" isn't always that therapeutic.


  11. I suffer from depression for sure. But knowing that people around me love me and understand this about me helps me to deal. On a bad day, I need to be able to let someone know I am having a bad day, instead of keeping it in, ashamed of my feelings. Saying it is almost my way of setting the feelings free. Once I admit how I am feeing, they float away.

    Thank you for this post. Every single thing you listed are the healthiest ways to deal with bouts of depression. I am glad you got them out there!


  12. I love the tips for cheering up but unfortunately depression is not an emotion our bout of sadness as you described it. Depression is a clinically diagnosed mental disorder. All people suffer bouts of sadness and stress at times but some people like my brother (I lost him to depression a few years ago) are victims of something much worse.
    But your post had some great ways of picking yourself up before things get that far. Thank you. x

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  14. I was feeling abit down today and I was looking for ways to cheer me up. I came across your blog and it made me smile and I thank you for that :D

    Also please feel free to email me anytime :D

    Winna1993@live.com or

  15. Stay away from negative people helps you a lot..Thanks for the great tips.


Thank you so very much for your lovely comments!