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Sunday, February 06, 2011

As most of you know, Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday. There is just something magical about a day devoted completely to love. I just adore all the hearts, glitter, and flowers. Here are some Valentine's Day Tips according to a Quirky Girl:

♥ Make some handmade Valentine's for your friends. Use glitter, lace, and stickers to decorate and personalize them. Your friends will adore a handmade card made just for them.

♥ Make a crown to wear on Valentine's Day with your favorite flowers.

♥ Decorate a mini Christmas tree with hearts, fairy lights, and pink garland!!

♥ Buy some vintage Valentines from an antique store. Give them out to your friends or use them to make a cute display.

♥ Buy a bouquet of pink or red roses and some ribbon from the grocery store. Bundle a few flowers together with the ribbon and give them out to your best friends.

♥ Bake some chocolate chip cookies and mix in some Valentine sprinkles.

♥ Buy some cute Valentine scrapbook paper and make some origami hearts. Instructions here.

♥ Cut out lots of colorful hearts and string them together with string or ribbon to make some Valentine's Day garland.

♥ Write out your favorite love poem on a pretty piece of card stock and give it to your crush.

♥ Plan out some cute Valentine's Day outfits on Polyvore!! Here are some outfits I put together:

Valentine's Day DateValentine's Dat Date 3
Valentine's Day Date 2
Have a magical week, Lovelies!!

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6 Quirky Comments

  1. The outfits are adorable! And I love the brown enveloppes too! So simple yet so personnal. :)

  2. haha *sigh* valentines day...

  3. Happy Almost Valentines Day! It's one of my favorites too because not only can you show your love to others, but it can act as a reminder of self love <3

  4. I am so excited about valentines day! I also love the holiday, so cheesy and cute =)


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