Happy Lovey Dovey Day!

Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm bursting with excitement because today is my favorite holiday ever!!
I think that today should be all about love; love for everyone in your life and love for yourself!

I know that a lot of people find Valentine's Day to be commercialized and tacky, but I have always loved everything about the holiday. I think that it's a wonderful way to honor St. Valentine who, according to legend, was tortured and put to death because he believed in love and performed marriages against the wishes of his emperor. I have a hard time finding fault with a holiday dedicated to love.

I think one of my favorite memories of Valentine's day is passing out little cards to all of my friends. I found some really cute Valentine's cards that I thought you might like.

Sending you lots of positive energy today!!!

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5 Quirky Comments

  1. This is definitely the most lovely Valentine's post. Sweet, cute and yummy!

  2. I love all of the pics. I LOVE the card that says OWL Be Yours! So cute!!

  3. Really cute valentine's post!! Happy v-day!!

  4. I loved this post! So adorable!

  5. Just found this post looking for Valentine's for my own blog post- I to am a lover of Valentine's Day. It is just such a happy day!
    I hope you have a beautiful day and that people's negativity towards the holiday doesn't bring you down!!
    Happy (Early) Valentine's Day! You rock!


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