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Friday, February 18, 2011

Oh, Lovelies!! This week has been NUTS!!! I've been going non-stop since Monday morning without much sleep. I've been in and out of class, attending meetings, planning parties, working on research, doing homework, attending musical rehearsal, and doing about a million other little things. I bought some cute false eyelashes to wear tomorrow to distract the eye away from my dark under-eye circles. I managed to snap a few photos to document my week. Here is my week in photos:

Zeth brought me these absolutely gorgeous flowers on Valentine's Day! 

Apollo has been dying for attention all week. He is constantly jumping into my lap while I'm working because he wants to be held. So spoiled.

George falls asleep in a big heap of my junk. I think that I woke him up to take this picture. Grumpy face.

My Valentine's Day dessert: white chocolate crème brulée. It was delicious!

I went to get a manicure after a particularly bad day. It was a perfect distraction.

Zeth with the Wizard of Oz Scarecrow plushie that I bought him for Valentine's Day. I think that he really liked it!

A picture of me in a brand new olive green dress that my gran bought me.

Sending out positive vibes into the universe! 
Have a happy day, Lovely!

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5 Quirky Comments

  1. That dress is very pretty! And the little scarecrow doll is SO CUTE! I'm happy you've had a nice busy week! I haven't been motivated to study at all and my midterms are next week... I feel like my life is SO boring. :(

  2. That dress is beautiful. Green is my favourite colour :) xxx

  3. i like the tweet thing.

  4. I love that dress. LOVE IT.

    And you have sweet looking animals. Gotta love the fur-babies!

  5. OH MY GOODNESS! You are BEAUTIFUL in that dress!! Wow!

    Seriously, you are a knockout. I hope you had a great week but that you were also able to relax a little! xoxo


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