Weekend Loveliness Tips

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The weekend is my favorite time of the week!! I absolutely adore having a little time to myself to relax and enjoy myself. I think that everyone should be required to spend a little bit of their weekend doing things that make them incandescently happy. 

Weekend Loveliness Tips:

♥ Document your entire weekend in photos or a video. Go on a fun adventure with your friends and bring your camera along. Take lots of silly pictures. 

♥ Have a beauty blowout! Paint your nails in your favorite color of glitter polish. Practice your fishtail or side braids. Give yourself a facial or use a exfoliating facial mask. Watch some YouTube videos and practice your smoky eye look. 

♥ Bake some cookies from scratch. Put on some lively music while your baking to ensure that your baked goods are infused with love and positivity. Package up your goodies in some colorful cellophane and give them out to your friends. 

♥ Put on your Netflix or DVR and veg out for a little while. It's nice to take a break from thinking for a short time after a stressful week.

♥ Go for a drive around your city. Explore streets that you've never been down before. Enjoy your mini-adventure.

♥ Pull out your journal (that you may have neglected for quite some time) and spend some time writing out your thoughts and feelings. Perhaps you could make a little list of reason why you love yourself or a list of things that you are thankful for.

♥ Have a cleaning spree and clean your home from top to bottom like a whirlwind of cleanliness! Put on your favorite movie or some happy music. Cleaning is a wonderful stress reliever. It's also been proven that people are happier when their personal space is clean and organized. 

♥ Go out with some friends to a local cafe and sip on a delicious cup of chai tea during your deep conversations.

♥ Make some chicken soup for someone in your life who has been sick. Make sure to bring a long a package of oyster crackers. They are the best snack on a sick day.

♥ Watch Marie Antoinette and then recreate her look with bows, lace, curls, and fancy jewelry (I actually have a Marie Antoinette costume from a few Halloweens ago).

Have a FANTASTIC weekend, Lovely!

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6 Quirky Comments

  1. All of these tips are so adorable! I really want to bake some chocolate cookies now!!

  2. I have always wanted to make homemade chicken soup. I think this is perfect excuse to give it a whirl. I love what you said about everyone being required to spend some of their weekend doing happy things. Love love love your blog!

  3. Great post! Happy Valentine's Day!! :)

  4. Such a great post. I adore your ideas. Especially the one about exploring streets you've never been down in your own city! I did this [in Baltimore] last weekend and it was a blast! I love feeling like I know the city well. You're so wonderful. <3

  5. youre blog makes me always so happy. keep up the good work.


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