10 Ways to Find More Happiness

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sometimes it feel like all of us are on a lifelong mission to find the ultimate happiness and make it stick. It's easy to forget that happiness isn't something which can be packaged or bought. It's something which comes out of our own actions, experiences, and attitudes. I also think our own personal idea of total happiness is different for every person. 

10 Ways to Find More Happiness

Find more satisfaction in what you already have...rather than dwelling on what is missing or what someone else has. This is something I do every single day, and it helps me to appreciate all the little things in my life. Modern society prompts us to constantly yearn for something bigger & better, but I feel like that type of thinking only distracts us from all the wonderful things we already have in our lives. 

Transform awkward situations into adventures...which is easier said than done, of course. There is no getting around the fact that sometimes things happen to us, and we have no control over them. The way to find happiness, even in the crappy situations we all find ourselves in, is to maintain a positive attitude & be proactive about finding a solution to any problems. I was just in an awful situation a few days ago, and I refused to give in. You see, I have been trying to save a very large amount of money for a study abroad trip next month. My sister had a tooth fall out a few weeks ago, and because she didn't have any health insurance, we had to pay for her emergency root canal with my trip money. I decided to drop out of the study abroad program, but I was informed that I would have to pay back the entire cost of the trip if I dropped out. Yikes! So I decided to beg, borrow, and steal the money for the trip...hahaha just kidding...I took out a student loan to pay for the remainder of the trip, and now I'm going to study in Scotland, London, and Paris in May! 

Grant yourself more personal time...and spend time getting to know yourself better. I love to go for a long walk by myself when I start feeling stressed or worried. There is something therapeutic in spending a little quiet time with yourself. 

Stop comparing your life to others...because there is always going to be someone out there who has more. We are all guilty of comparing our lives to others, and I really think it makes us feel inadequate at times when we aren't in the same place as someone else. Ultimately, you have do what works for you and what makes you the happiest. Trying to be like someone else isn't going to make you truly happy. Accepting yourself for who you are and being thankful for the things in your life will get you closer to real happiness. 

Live life in the present moment...rather than constantly stressing and worrying about the future. Although it's important to plan ahead and stay on top of things, it's also important to live each day fully & enjoy your life as it is right now. I know I can't enjoy myself if I'm always worrying about things which are out of my control. I try to live everyday in the present moment and take every experience in. 

Open yourself up to new experiences...and learn to say 'yes' more. I made a promise to myself that this year would be a year of new experiences. I was tired of living my life inside a little bubble and hiding behind my shyness. Have you ever seen the movie Yes Man? I really like the concept of this movie, and I think it encourages people to open themselves up to new experiences. 

Give in to all of your emotions...even the negative ones. If you're having a bad day or feeling grumpy, don't try to stifle it or deny your feelings. Be honest with yourself about how you are feeling. You are going to end up more unhappy if you are constantly putting on a happy face, even when things are less than stellar. Be realistic about life. You aren't always going to have a day full of sunshine & bluebirds. You might have a really bad day, curse like a sailor, hit something, and end up in tears. That is called life, and it happens to all of us. Don't feel bad about it and never apologize for being human.

Be more supportive & loving to others...rather than competitive & hateful. I truly believe that we get back what we give to others. If you are constantly putting others down, even if it's just behind their backs, you are going to end up with that negativity in your own life. I think the main reason we feel the need to trash-talk others is because we all have insecurities about ourselves. Putting someone else down makes us feel better about our own shortcomings, but it only harms you as a person in the end. I try very hard to be supportive & kind to everyone in my life, regardless of what I think about them. It's difficult at times, especially when a big group of my friends are gossiping with one another, but it makes me feel like I'm being more genuine when I refrain from involving myself in that kind of negativity all the time.

Laugh out loud...and do it often. The benefits of laughter are vast. I think we all would be a little happier if we learned how to laugh more. At one point, I realized I wasn't always laughing out loud when I found something funny. Isn't that kind of weird? I started making a conscious effort to laugh out loud while watching a movie or talking with friends, and it has made a remarkable difference in my level of daily happiness. I know it seems kind of silly, but I think laughter really is the best medicine. We even have tickle-wars sometimes to get the giggles going. It's one of my favorite past-times! 

Focus your life on the things which make you happiest...Think about what makes you smile from ear to ear. Make that the most important thing in your life. Simple as that.

These are just a few of my own ideas on happiness. Everyone is different, and you have to figure out what works best for you. 

How do you find happiness in your own life??

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  8. I really like this list, I definitely agree with laughter and trying to remain hopefully throughout th crappy times. Great list. xxx


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