15 Ways To Infuse Your Day With Magic & Splendor!!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

I definitely believe in magic. I feel like the universe is bursting with magical energy. 

"Big dreams create the magic that stir men's souls to greatness"
--Bill McCartney

15 Ways to Infuse Your Day 
With Magic and Splendor

  Tuck a pink rose or purple violet behind your ear.

  Eat chocolate covered strawberries and laze under the covers.

  Think five positive thoughts for each negative thought that enters your mind. Wish your enemies no harm. Send out positive vibes to everyone you encounter.

  Bake cupcakes in your favorite flavor and invite some close friends over for an impromptu tea party.

  Think about what makes you truly happy, and make that the most important thing in your life. 

  Hang up fairy lights in your bedroom, spritz your favorite scent around your bed, and cover your walls with inspiring images.

  Dress up in something that makes your feel wonderful. If anyone asks you why you are so dressed up, simply answer, "Why not?"

  Believe in miracles. See the good in others and have faith in people. Forgive and forget. Let go of all that anger and let the positivity in. Smile for no reason other than the fact that you are alive.

 Write down little compliments and words of encouragement on small slips of paper or scrapbook pages. Fold them and give them out randomly to friends and strangers.

  Happy dance if you're feeling joyful. Sing loudly along with the radio. Laugh out loud.

 Stop being so critical of everyone and everything. The world is beautiful because it is filled with splendid imperfection. 

 Grab your best friend and go out on a date filled with adventures. Take pictures of all your whimsical happenings.

 Daydream about fairies and mermaids.

 Live in the present moment. Instead of constantly dwelling on your next move, stop and take in your life at this very moment. 

 Be more patient and loving with yourself. 

Have a MAGICAL day, Lovely!!

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7 Quirky Comments

  1. This post is awesome!! I love all of these ideas and how inspiring your blog is.

  2. I definitely need to have an impromptu tea party! I even own a cupcake shaped tea pot.

    This post is wonderful! x

  3. ah Jacque, your posts are always so magical!♥

  4. I smell an impromptu tea party coming along... :D

    By the way, do you know where to get fairy lights? I've been looking for them all over but have yet to find any :(

  5. "Think about what makes you truly happy, and make that the most important thing in your life." LOVE this and your stance on the unwavering positivity front. i live just this thing in my life. i tried it onece, and i've never looked back (never had to)!

  6. Loved this :) I liked the one about sending positive vibes to people you pass on the street.



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