The Little Things That Make My Heart Smile

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Dinner with my friends...I'm not the best at keeping friends. I'm a very shy person at first and many people assume that I'm snobby so they don't bother to make friends with me. I have also had many friends abandon me for various reasons. My group of friends right now are the closest and most dear friends I have ever had. I know that sounds cheesy, but I seriously adore them. 

Recovering from a nasty cold...thanks to my sister who attacked me with a large box of cold medicine when I first showed cold symptoms. I'm feeling a lot better now.

Snuggling with my Sweetie...I have never been more happy than when I'm safe and sound in his arms. AND this is probably the best and most amazing relationship I have ever had. So mushy, I know. 

Little Bursts of Happiness...

Lace, rose scented candles, spring blossoms, red velvet cupcakes, making trips to sonic just for an iced tea, sleep, finding the perfect shade of red lipstick, floral cardigans, dolphin noises, lovely inside jokes, dreams in black and white, pearl necklaces, baby hippos, the sound of Apollo purring, Disney princess coloring books, side-swept bangs, tuna salad sandwiches, dogs wearing bow ties, Doctor Who episodes on Netflix, photography, Hall's vitamin C citrus drops and the little words of encouragement printed on the wrappers, the glorious smell of the inside of a bakery, singing loudly to the music from GLEE with my friends while getting ready for the musical, cake balls, and catching my dog and cat snuggling together on my bed!

What Makes Your Heart Smile??

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2 Quirky Comments

  1. Ooh! I love the sparkly pink nail polish!

  2. Your blog's a great read! It's my friends who make me smile. My best friends are the best I've ever had :)

    Sami xx


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