Thirty Quirky Pictures!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I saw a similar post on Danielle's Sometimes Sweet the other day and really loved looking at all of her pictures. I've seen a few other blogs do similar posts, and I felt inspired to fish out some of my own photos for a quirky girl's version. 

30 Quirky Pictures
1. Someone you spend a lot of time with.

2. A picture of you.

3. A random picture of you and your significant other.

4. A pictures of something that makes you happy.

5. An old pictures of you.

6. A picture of one of your siblings.

7. A picture you have never posted on your blog before.

8. A picture of someone you miss.

9. A picture of the people who know you now and then.

10. A picture of your favorite place.

11. A person you can tell everything to.

12. A picture of your everyday life.

13. A picture from a place you love.

14. A picture that reminds you of the great times.

15. A picture of you taken in the last 24 hours.

16. A picture of a friend who has recently gotten closer to you.

17. A picture that always makes you laugh.

18. A picture of what you do in your spare time.

19. A picture of a great night.

20. A picture of the people who are closest to you.

21. A picture of the people you always have a good time with.

22. A picture of you doing something that makes you happy.

23. A picture from last summer.

24. A picture of your parents ( Just my mom! She is 51!! I hope I age like her! )

25. A picture of you on vacation.

26. A picture of an accomplishment (I was Maria from West Side Story during my freshman year in college).

27. A picture of your closest friends.

28. A random picture from your phone.

29. A picture that makes you smile.

30. A person who means the world to you.

WHEW!! Finding 30 pictures is harder than it looks!! Please let me know if you do a post like this on your blog! I would love to stop by and check it out!


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9 Quirky Comments

  1. I love the old picture of you! You look so pretty without makeup!

    And I love the picture of your favorite place also! It's so coloful and filled with adorable things! May I ask where you bought that green lamp? I want one too!

    Omg, your mom looks so young! She's really beautiful! I can't believe it, she has NO wrinkles. o.o

  2. I LOVED this! You are gorgeous!!

  3. you are beautiful, and so is your mom :) I love reading your cute and inspiring blog but to be honest, what's up with these daily pictures of yourself?! Please don't get this wrong, but why the need to show the internet a picture of you every single day, and now so many of them!

  4. Steffi: My first reaction to your question would be to get defensive. I'm very honest about the fact that I don't take constructive criticism very well. But I'm trying to be better by trying to take things lightly and accepting the fact that some people aren't going to understand what I'm all about. No, I do not post daily pictures of myself. I post occasional pictures of myself on this blog, and I feel okay about it because this is my personal space. I'm also very honest about the fact that I love images of any kind and my blog posts are usually very image heavy. I hope that this answers your question.

  5. oh jacque! you are sooooo adorable! i love this post, dear!♥♥♥


  6. Jennifer: I bought the green lamp at Target a few months ago! I also bought a wall print and bed pillows to match it. :)

  7. Such a cute post!! I really loved seeing all the pictures of you and your friends. I think I might do a post like this on my blog.

  8. i loved the pictures! i was thinking of the pics i would post while looking at it lol.. i love your room! hello kitty! your mom is soo beautiful and i remember seeing you play Maria! you were great in that play! lol :p

  9. What a lovely post, you look gorgeous and everyone always looks so happy in the group pictures x


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