Tips for a Weekend of Loveliness!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I absolutely adore the weekend! I try to fill up my weekend with lots of fun & adventures, especially when I have a stressful week. I hope your weekend is as wonderful as you are!

Tips for a Weekend of Loveliness:

♥ Go for an adventure walk with one of your close friends. Make sure to bring along something to drink in case you start feeling parched.

♥ Make some chicken or cheese enchiladas and have your neighbors over for an impromptu fiesta! Make some strawberry margaritas if you are feeling particularly festive.

♥ Gather a bunch of your favorite pictures and make a photo-collage!

♥ Put on some relaxing music and take a bubble bath.

♥ Have a day at the beach (if you live near one)! Pack a picnic, go swimming, splash around with your friends and collect lots of sea shells.

♥ Grab your best friends and take lots of silly pictures together! Drive around your city or town and take pictures in random places!

Watch some makeup tutorials on YouTube and practice a new look. My favorite YouTube Beauty-Guru is Michelle Phan.

♥ Write out some friendly cards to the family member you don't get to visit often.

♥ Grab some popcorn and have a little marathon of movies or your favorite television series!

♥ Write yourself a little love note and detail all the amazing things about you! It's a letter of self-love. Hide it somewhere random or have someone hide it for you. You'll find it sometime in the future and it will brighten your day.

Have an AH-MAY-ZING weekend, Lovely!!

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3 Quirky Comments

  1. I love all of these suggestions, especially the one about taking random pictures with your friends. I think I'm going to do that tonight with my friends!

  2. love the lace and baloons

  3. Such pretty pictures and all the tips sound like a lot of fun


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