Top 5 Wishlist: What I'm Obsessing Over At The Moment

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What I'm Obsessing Over At The Moment!
Just for fun, I decided to make a little list of my current lust list! It changes almost every week, and usually depends on how full (or empty) my wallet is at the moment. 

♥ Kate Spade and Coach iPhone Cases & Besteyville Laptop Cases!

♥ Burlesque Style Lingerie & Accessories!

♥ Fancy Filofax! My old planner fell apart! :(

♥ Neon Colored Cambridge Satchels ( I saw these on Gala Darling's blog!)

♥ Dior Makeup!!
It's soo expensive, and I'm soooo obsessed! Whaa! 

What's on your lust list this week??

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16 Quirky Comments

  1. Red lipstick! I got a 15% off coupon for Sephora, so I'm going to treat myself to my first shade of red lipstick (from makeup forever)! I'm a little scared lol! Red is so... daring!

    Also on my wish list: A French Bulldog, summer weather, a sparkly and obnoxious necklace or headband, and leopard print flats :)

    I really like that Burlesque dress with the cupcake ruffles!

  2. ooh i love those bright satchels!!! <333

  3. Those picks are great ! Those satchels are amazing !

    Right now I'm wanting lots of american apparel for summer, their circle and leather clutch are perfect !

  4. I'm totally lusting over a new Filofax too! Not cause mine is falling apart just 'cause I seen my second choice in real life instead of on their site and totally thought it was cuter! But I'm re-arranging my current Filofax to make up for that! xx

  5. your filofax is SO CUTE! Where/how did you make your inserts?

  6. This is a great list! By the way, I love your blog's background!

    xo, gina

  7. Sarah: I love you list of lusts!! So cute!!! I'm scared of red lipstick too! The only time I wear it is when someone else puts it on me.

  8. Deer Donna: I know, right! I really really really want one!!!

  9. Marie-eve: Ah! I really want a petticoat skirt from american apparel! So cute!

  10. Morag Lee: Ooo, a new filofax sounds amazing! They have some really fancy ones, but they are so expensive! :(

  11. greyskysaturday: They sell all kinds of filofax accessories on their website. You can also find some cute stuff on

  12. Gina: Aw, thanks sooo much!! :)

  13. I really love those bright satchels! Where can I buy one?? I just got my refund tax check and the money is burning a hole in my pocket!

  14. Lola: OO, you can buy a neon cambridge satchel off their website! Their url is


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