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Sunday, May 22, 2011

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Ah...this image really made me think. I absolutely adore being reminded that life is meant to be lived with a vigor & thirst for adventure. I think that all of our adventures, big and small, are amazing moments in our lives. To me, life is sacred, splendid, and filled with a million reasons to be thankful. Recently, I have started to cope with the various problems in my daily life by making a mental list of the many things I'm grateful for. I have a tendency to get extremely overwhelmed when things start going wrong. I struggle a little bit with anxiety, and I often let it get the best of me during times of stress. I discovered that reflecting on the wonderful things in my life helps me to deal with my problems and keep a positive attitude. It helps me to remember how extraordinary being alive truly is. I think the only way I can exist happily is to get excited about life & all the simple things that make it full and whole. 

Maybe it seems silly to some, but I think that anything that makes me smile is something to be thankful for. Blowing bubbles in my milk, happy dancing, and offering kindness to others. Those are simple things that make me smile and add to my life in a small way. I have often been treated badly by others who assume to know me and what I've been through. Some have told me that I wouldn't be so happy all the time if I had gone through any type of pain or struggle. I have always been the type of person who feels the need to justify myself, and it's difficult to keep my head up when people judge my excitement for life. I assure you that my life has been far from easy. I have had my fair share of struggle, and have endured more than I wish on anyone. I'm not telling you this because I want any type of sympathy. I just want to express that I believe being happy and loving your life is a choice. It doesn't just happen for some and not for others. It isn't something that only the wealthy or lucky are blessed with. I believe that you can choose to be happy or choose to be unhappy. Being truly happy for me is about appreciating all of those small moments and getting excited about being alive. 

 I don't know about you, but I love all the wonderful and splendidly imperfect moments that make up our lives! I'm grateful for every moment, good and bad, because it means I'm living.

Sending lots of positive energy your way!!

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4 Quirky Comments

  1. Thanks for this reminder! I think your thoughts on happiness are beautiful and a big part of the reason I love reading your blog.

  2. Personally, I think it is great that you are so positive all the time! It's a great way to keep things in perspective, and it's so inspiring to someone like me, who finds it really hard to stay positive sometimes. I think people who tell you that you wouldn't be so happy if you'd had a bad life are just people who haven't learned to be positive about all the good things they actually have yet. :)

  3. Try keeping a gratitude journal. :]

    Whenever I'm feeling down, I turn back to days in my journal when I was feeling really great and look back at all the things I'm thankful for.

  4. i tend to worry A LOT, usually about nothing significant. a reminder of the things i'm thankful for always helps to put things back in perspective.


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