My Weekend in iPhone Photos!

Monday, May 09, 2011

1. A close up of some purple lilies from Zeth! He left for his trip to France on Sunday, and now I miss him terribly.

2. Apollo likes to sit on my desk chair and spin around in a circle!

3. My sister graduated on Saturday, and we went to get our hair done for the ceremony. Like my new hairdo?

4. Lots of purples & pinks in a beautiful Texas sunset during my jog!

5. George! I asked him if he wanted a treat and he made this face!

6. One of my mermaid doodles from my journal!

7. Another sunset picture!

8. Ice cream with Zeth! Yum!

9. Holding Apollo in my lap while I read blogs. Our favorite way to spend the evening!

10. What I wore to the Royal Wedding! Trina, one of my good friends, found this cute hat and let me play around in it! It is very Kate Middleton-esque!

11. I made this cross for my mom for mother's day!

12. Another pic of my lilies! 

What did you do over the weekend???

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6 Quirky Comments

  1. Love seeing your weekend in pictureform! Lots of cute pictures!

  2. I'm a little down today, those pictures made me happier.

    / Avy

  3. I found your blog earlier tonight and I love it! Though I was hoping on starting a new feature on things that make people smile, looks like you beat me to it! :(

    Keep up the good work though! I love all the pictures, and those flowers are exquisite! :)

  4. Darling Doll: Thanks so much!!

  5. AVY: I'm sorry you're feeling down!! Sending some positive vibes your way and hoping things get a little bit better for you!!

  6. Pink Hibiscus: SO glad that you stopped by my blog to say hi!! Nice to meet you! You should definitely blog about happiness if you want to! :)


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