Summer Fun! A Little List of Quirkiness!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summertime is just around the corner!! And I'm so excited! The warmer months of the summer have always been my favorite season, second only to the flowery and rainy months springtime. There is just something exciting and adventurous about summer. Whenever I think about summer, images of freshly squeezed lemonade, colorful & flowery sun dresses, mile-high wedges, and beachside umbrellas enter my mind. 

Obviously, I'm spending the first month of my summer in Europe. It's definitely been an adventure, even though we've only been here for 5 days, but it's not all fun and games. We are taking two classes about the history of trade and the political system in the United Kingdom. I've always been very keen on learning and the classes are quite interesting, but I seem to have lost any motivation to do schoolwork ever since we landed in the UK. Instead, we have spent hours exploring the city of Edinburgh, shopping in all the quirky little boutiques and eating lots of delicious food. Studying abroad...the abroad part is lovely but the studying part? Not so much.  

I thought it would be fun to make a list of possible adventures for the summer months. I've seen similar posts on several blogs all over the blogosphere, so I thought I would join in with my own quirky spin on things.

Treat yourself to a summertime pedicure! They are usually very reasonably priced, and they last quite a while. Make it extra fun by going to a spa pedicure and ask for a fancy design on your toes.

Have an ice cream date with your Dad or Grandfather! June is the month of Father's Day!

Dye your hair magenta, teal, or bright red! Summer is the perfect time to experiment with your hair color!

Spend an afternoon hanging out in your favorite cafe. Grab a cup of chai tea or a caramel latte and spend a little time thinking, relaxing, and people-watching. There is something liberating about spending time by yourself.

Start a photo journal and document all of your summer adventures!

  Have a Heath Ledger movie marathon!

 Bake strawberry cupcakes and deliver one to each of your closest friends!

  Have a tea party picnic! Pack a small basket with treats, snacks, and a thermos of your favorite tea.

 Go exploring and look for fairies!

Make some home-made popsicles! 

 Buy an adorable retro bathing suit, and go swimming as often as possible. It's such good exercise, and it's just good plain fun to swim around like a little fish! Make sure to wear sun-block and avoid sunburns!

 If a big vacation is out of your means, put together a small road trip to somewhere close by. A neighboring city or just across town. Pack a suitcase and let your adventures take you away. 

 Buy a huge stack of your favorite magazine and read them while lazing on a patio or by the pool.

 Start a collection! Vintage jewelry, stamps, Betseyville handbags, elephants, floral brooches, or quirky socks! Anything you desire, really!

 Start reading and commenting on several new blogs! I try to make a habit of reading & commenting on new blogs every week. I think that we all feed off of feedback and response, and it can be very frustrating when readers don't comment on your work. I try my best to keep up with all of my favorite blogs, as well as new blogs.

 Play Glee karaoke and bust out your best Rachel Berry or Kurt Hummel voice!

Listen to an audiobook or podcast about a subject you've always been interested in learning more about. There are also free lectures on iTunes recorded from prestigious professors on a variety of subjects.

 Daydream about bunnies while sipping on some delicious pink lemonade!

 Watch some youtube or blogger tutorials and practice your perfect cat-eye or smoky eye makeup! My favorite youtube makeup gurus are Michelle Phan & Promise Phan!

♥ Run through the sprinklers!

Sending lots of positive energy your way!!
Lots of love!!

All images from pinterest

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  1. This post filled me with so much happy <3


  2. So many great ideas! I love summer so much!

  3. Love this post and all the cuteness on your blog!!

  4. I absolutely LOVE this post and want to do everything you listed..and some more! lol
    I've just read a few of your posts and you are truly an amazingly gifted and positive person. Thanks for sharing your light =)

  5. oh my god it's like you can read my mind!! you're awesome!! loved it!!


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