Adventures in Edinburgh Part One!

Friday, June 03, 2011

Hello Lovely!! I know it's been a few days since I last blogged! I've been extremely busy-so busy that I have barely had time to sleep, shower, or do anything with my Marie Antoinette-style of a mess of curly hair! I need a respite, but alas...we are on our way to London tomorrow for another busy week. We are planning to go to the London zoo, possible slip into the aquarium to see the sharks, ride the London Eye, watch a Shakespeare show at The Globe theatre, make a trek out to Cambridge, go see The Lion King or Les Miserables, wander through the British Library & British Museum, shop in China town, meet up with some local friends, and make a short trip out to Stonehenge! Ready? Set? GO!! Whew, I'm already exhausted just thinking about all the wonderful adventures waiting for me in London town.  

In the mean time, I have an enormous amount of pictures from my adventures here in Scotland. I thought it would be fun to split it up into two parts. I don't want to overwhelm you with all of my pictures in one single blog post! So, here is part one of my adventures in Edinburgh:

I took a walk around the Heriot-Watt University campus, which is a lovely university just outside the city of Edinburgh. I was amazed at the lush and verdant garden, walking paths, and loch in the center of the campus. I was definitely enraptured with the beautiful swans.
I've had some amazing hair days here in Scotland! The other day, a random girl on the bus asked me if anyone had ever told me that I looked like the lassie on Glee, Rachel Berry. That pretty much made my entire day!

We went to visit Rosslyn Chapel, which is a 15th Century Medieval Chapel outside of Edinburgh in the small village of Roslin. It was astoundingly beautiful, although we were only allowed to take pictures of the outside. The delicate and detailed carvings on the inside of the chapel could not be photographed. 

Octavious, the friendly yet ferocious T-Rex!! A few weeks ago, I went to a pizza buffet with my sister and best friend. We played a bunch of the arcade games and won a big handful of tickets. Naturally, I picked out my adorable t-rex as a prize. When I was packing, I decided it would be funny to bring Octavious along and take pictures of him in all sorts of historical and touristy places. Like T-Rex in front of Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower! Rawr!

My sister & I decided to go hiking a few days ago. We hiked up the top of the tallest hill called Arthur's Seat in the Salisbury Crags. The climb up was a little bit treacherous, and the wind was so powerful that it almost blew my purse, scarf, and self off the mountain. The views were amazing! 
Check out my hair after climbing and hiking!! Yikes!! I truly think I scared our bus driver a little when he looked up and saw me getting on his bus. 

Look out for the next part of my adventures in Edinburgh!

Sending you lots of positive vibes!!

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6 Quirky Comments

  1. Wow awesome pictures!! I love all the colors!!

  2. Scotland is a very beautiful place to live- I live in Scotland!
    I love your blog- it's inspired some of the posts on my own blog! :)

  3. Aw, I love the swans! Wonderful photos!

    xo, gina

  4. I'm glad you had fun.

    I was in Edinburgh a few weeks ago to visit my best friend from school. I can recognise one of your photos from the hike part as right outside the Parliament building. Edinburgh is an amazing city!

  5. What's wrong with that last picture?! I think you look absolutely stunning! So pretty and natural <3

  6. Emmelien: You are super duper sweet!!! You can't really tell from the photo wash I used, but my hair is all over the place in the last photo! Our bus driver gave me a really funny look!


Thank you so very much for your lovely comments!