Bonjour from Paris!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I have heard so many different opinions regarding Paris ever since I first announced my study abroad trip. I knew that I would have to decide for myself whether I liked Paris. Turns out, I ADORE Paris!! 

Everyone is incredibly nice & friendly! My sister helped me with my French a little, and we have been trying our best when we go to cafes & shops. A lot of the people in Paris speak English, especially in the tourist-heavy areas. And the people are very friendly if you attempt French. My sister went to a sandwich shop and played a little game of charades with the clerk in order to place her order. She said he was very friendly and tried to help her. We went to a patisserie earlier today and had the most delicious pastries. I have had so much fun just exploring Paris & shopping with my sister.

Ah, quirky adventures in Paris!

Au revoir, Lovely!

Sending lots of positive vibes your way from Paris!

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4 Quirky Comments

  1. I'm so jealous! I've always wanted to visit Paris! Love your pictures though!

  2. I am so jealous! Keep updating us with pictures!

    Also, I sent an award your way...pick it up on my blog!

  3. Hi Jacqueline!
    Whoa, I love Paris as well! Im planning to go there in 2 weeks again (since I'm a european girl, not so hard to get there). Anyway since your living Europe these days, I totally recomend you to go to Barcelona. Im living there right now and it is the nicest, sunny, lovely, quirky city to go! You should!! Plus visit Brussels!! Most people don't go there, but as a Belgian girl, I have to say - you shouldn't. It is beautiful, people are nice, city is nice (some places seem a bit rubbish but if you look to it from another angel it is just very charming..) Have fun, enjoy Europe and bisous!

  4. I love Paris too! People always say that the French aren't very nice, but people have been pretty amazing every time I've gone, and the sandwiches from the street stands are amazing...something about those yummy baguettes. I'm glad you had a blast!


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