Quirky Resolutions for JULY!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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Hello, Lovely Friend! I cannot believe that July is almost here (as in TOMORROW!) and I haven't even done half of the things on my summer to-do list. I feel like July snuck up on me this year. I've actually been very attached to June, and I'm sort of sad to see it go. BUT alas... I must prepare for another month of summer fun! 

Summer has always been my favorite season! I love the possibilities and adventures that come along during the warm months of the year. I imagine the perfect summer to contain snow-cones, sandals, picnics, romantic rendezvous, late night movies, and at least one trip to the beach. What about you??

I've definitely a big list-maker. I make to-do lists every week in my planner and tack off the completed tasks as I finish them. It helps me stay organized and keeps me on track. I actually get kind of antzy when I don't have a list of things to do. I decided to compose a little list of resolutions to kick off July with a BANG!! I'm giddy & excited about all the summer activities still to come!

Quirky Resolutions for JULY!

  Do something AMAZING for Zeth: He's been so wonderful and encouraging to me lately. I've sort of been stuck in funk and struggling a little with depression. That's sort of why my blogging has been a little scarce. He's been spending loads of time with me and cheering me on the whole time. I really want to do something for him that will make his jaw drop from surprise! Any ideas??

 Finally learn how to drive: and get over my ridiculous fear of car accidents. I MUST make this resolution come to fruition! I MUST DRIVE!! I'm very determined to become a licensed driver this summer. Wish me luck!

 Take about a million more photos: because I've been lacking on my photography lately. I actually stress myself out a little and worry about getting the perfect shot. Sometimes I don't even take a picture if I know it won't turn out just right. I'm sort of a perfectionist when it comes to certain things. I think that perfectionists have the tendency to limit themselves by worrying too much and avoiding the chance of failure. I don't want to be afraid of failure anymore. I guess another resolution for me would be to take more chances and create more. Do you struggle with perfectionism? How do you cope??

 Start writing in my self love journal again: I used to write in my little love journal all the time. It's been almost 8 0r 9 months since I've written anything, and I really want to start writing again. 

 Go on another adventure day by myself: While I was in London a few weeks ago, I went on a little day of adventures by myself. I went to a quaint Italian restaurant, ordered a glass of wine, and had a meal all by myself. I also walked through Regent's Park and went to the London Zoo. I took lots of pictures of all the animals, squeed while watching the penguins splash around their habitat, and enjoyed the most delicious sponge cake while writing in my journal on the deck of the zoo cafe. I had an AMAZING time all by myself. I think that spending time on your own is really important. We all have a tendency to make decisions based on what other people want. It's such an incredible feeling to be a little selfish and spend a day just doing whatever your little heart desires. I need another day of self-loving adventures!

Other little resolutions...

Tweet more positive messages and encouraging quotes ★ Spend more time doing things that make me smile★ Attend one musical concert ★ Color an entire coloring book ★ Clean out my closet ★ Read all the books sitting inside the little library on my iPad ★ Talk to strangers & break out of my shell a little ★ Eat more fruits & veggies ★ Bake cupcakes for my grandparents ★ Walk George more often ★ Instagram at least once a day ★ Finish my sketches from earlier this year ★ Smile & laugh out loud about a kazillion times more often ★ Go to an aquarium ★ Make homemade soup Blog about life whether it's happy or sad!

What about you, Lovely?? 
What are your resolutions for July??

Sending lots of positive vibes your way,

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2 Quirky Comments

  1. Hi Jacque. I've been following your lovely blog for a while now but I've never commented before. I just wanted to tell you that I plan to learn to drive this summer too, and I am TERRIFIED! Best of luck, we can do it!!! xxx

  2. Beth: Oh my goodness! That is so exciting! It makes me feel better to know that someone else is scared of driving too!! Let me know how everything turns out!!


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