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Thursday, June 09, 2011

I absolutely adore her in every possible way! I think she's both gorgeous & quirky! I love her strange factor mixed in with a very unique and  eclectic style. I also adore the fact that it seems like she always plays very unique characters. 
It has become part of who she is as an actress, and I also think that her work with Tim Burton has only added to that sense of originality & her attraction to eccentric roles. 

 “I love dressing up and playing weird women.
It would be boring for me to try and look as beautiful as possible on screen."

-Helena Bonham Carter

"I drink booze, I smoke, and I'm hooked on caffeine. I actually have been known to swear at times and belch and even raise my voice when provoked. And I'm not physically repressed!"

Helena is also know for not taking fashion too
Helena in Marc Jacobs for the autumn/winter 2011 season! Isn't she just adorable?!
She kind of looks a little like Audrey Hepburn in this picture, no??

I'm just in love with her hair!
Helena is also known for shucking the many labels put on her over the years. She absolutely detests being called "the corset queen".

"Journalists are always calling my features Edwardian or Victorian, whatever that means. I am small, and people were smaller in those times. I'm pale and sickly-looking. I look fragile-like a doll. But sometimes I just wish I had less of a particular look, one that was more versatile."

In my opinion, her look is quite versatile & eclectic!
“I was Alice-like as a child, actually. Quite precocious, absolutely. Dreaming out loud."
By far, The King's Speech was one of my favorite of her films! 
"I'm the kind of actor who has ventured into escaping from me."

-Helena Bonham Carter


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8 Quirky Comments

  1. Helena!!! I love her! I think she is so beautiful. She has a very classic face, like in the old romantic paintings. She doesn't get the recognition she deserves for acting! She's so talented and also very genuine and real! I would love to see her in more movies :) I wonder what a day in the life of Helena Bonham Carter is like. I bet its a lot of fun!

  2. I love Helena! She has always been one of my biggest style crushes & she is a brilliant actress.

  3. I wouldn't say Helena is one of my favorites but she was outstanding in The King's Speech!

  4. without her, hp would not be the same movies they are. come check out my giveaway!

  5. Helena is one SEXY lady! Thank you for this post because it's about time she was recognized :)

    It's the confidence and her total lack of interest in what the media says about her. KILLER!




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