30 Things To Do Before The End of Summer!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I just glanced at my little Hello Kitty calendar and realized that the summer is nearly over. le GASP!! I've been horrendously busy with all kinds of summer randomness, and it feels like the days are flying by at the speed of light! The tail end of summer also means my birthday is nearing on the 1st of August! I'm excited & nervous about my upcoming birthday...you see, I've never been very good with birthdays. I tend to get the birthday blues for a few days before my actual birthday. But I just have this wonderful feeling that my birthday is going to be amazing this year. 

Now, there is still plenty of time to cram in a few summery activities! I came up with some of my own ideas & summer favorites!!

30. Cook breakfast for someone very special! Surprise them while they are still in bed if possible! 

29. Stay up really late watching old episodes of your favorite television show! My favorite late night shows are Friends and Sex and the City.

28. Rent or borrow a bicycle and have a day of adventures without your car! Try to rent a bicycle with a basket so you can tote your backpack or purse around as well!

27. Plant a tree or some flowers! Gardening is very therapeutic!

26. Organize your closet! I definitely need to clean out my closet & organize all of my shoes!

25. Go to a zoo or aquarium! Take lots of pictures of all your favorite animals!

24. Buy a notebook in your favorite color! Start collecting clippings from your favorite magazines and flip through the pages anytime you need inspiration.

23. Ask a friend to recommend a book & read it from cover to cover! Suggest one of your favorites books to them in return.

22. Go to a local cafe when you're not pressed for time & spend your afternoon just enjoying your own company.

21. Take a dance, yoga, or pilates class!

20. Have a check-up at the eye doctor & dentist! Summer is the best time to get appointments out of the way. It's also easier to get an appointment because a lot of people are on vacation.

19. Attend a midnight premiere of a movie you've been looking forward to! My friends & I just geeked out last weekend and saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two.

18. Write out little hello cards to all of your friends & mail them! What a lovely little surprise!

17. Start a self-love journal! Write yourself delicious love notes & detail all of your wonderful accomplishments.

16. Spend an afternoon with your pets or pet-sit for someone with pets! Spending time around happy animals does wonders for the soul! 

15. Grab a big stack of magazines and read them all! I love to spend an afternoon just reading the latest editions of my favorite magazines!

14. Go through your closet and put together a few outfits! Arrange the outfits in the front of your closet for those days when you're running late! And honestly, I'm usually running late! Eepp!!

13. Paint your nails in a bright & outrageous color! I want to paint my nails neon orange or pink or both!!

12. Bake cookies, brownies, or lemon bars and have some friends over for a tea party! Tea parties are always more fun with lots of sweet friends & treats!

11. Learn more about photography and practice taking pictures of your family & friends! Borrow a fancy camera from someone if possible. I really need a better camera!!

10. Go on a day trip and have a day full whimsical adventures! Explore & have fun!

9. Buy some bubble guns, grab a couple of friends, and take some wacky photos! Bubbles are SO much fun!!

8. Create an inspiration board! I'm working on my own inspiration board right now! Pictures soon to come!

7. Clean your entire house from top to bottom! 

6. Go out to your favorite restaurant with a group of friends and have dinner on the patio!

5. Get moving!! Do everything & anything that requires activity! I've been dying to go hula-hooping!

4. Grab a snow-cone! Or make some at home!!

3. Have a retro-style pool party! Some local pools will actually let you rent their facilities for parties!

2. Bake cupcakes for your co-workers or your next-door-neighbor! The easiest way to make friends is to spread a little bit of sunshine! 

1. Spend an entire day only doing things that make you smile from cheek to cheek! You deserve it!

What do you have planned for the remainder of your summer??
Sending you lots of positive energy!

all images borrowed from pinterest

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10 Quirky Comments

  1. This post is so awesome! I'm thinking about getting snowcones with my sister sometime this week. Thanks for the idea!

  2. I do #22 and #29 all the time! Great post!


  3. Great ideas! :) I plan to spend the last days at the beach and spend it with my family. :)

  4. What a super-duper list! The pictures are dreamy. I stumbled on this today and I remember how you like Helena Bonham Carter:

  5. Love this post! Thanks for the inspiration!I'm going to share this on my blog and post a link.

  6. Love love LOVE this post and love love LOVE your blog. I am smiling and re-inspired so thank you. (And I've just painted my nails bright green!)

  7. This has given me so many more things to do over the summer! Your blog is very inspiring Jacque!

    Madison x


  8. your blog is the cutest thing i have ever seen.

  9. Oh you inspire me to compile my own list of things to do before the end of summer! We are in the midst of winter right now so nothing like daydreaming about the beach to get me through the winter blues.

    Gorgeous blog Jacque, thank you for sharing. Please drop by mine sometime. http://cakecrumbsbeachsand.blogspot.com/

    Peggy xo


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