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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hello, Friend. My name is Jacque & this is my own little corner of the interwebs. Please make yourself at home & stay for a while. 

My blog has always been very important to me because I started it as a form of therapy. You see, I had just learned about my autoimmune disease nearly two year ago when I started blogging, and I was struggling to cope with anxiety & depressed moods. Blogging was a way to channel my energy into something positive & be encouraging to others out there. What I found was a very lovely support group of fellow bloggers & blog readers. Honestly, I don't think I could have gotten through without all of you in my life. I really mean that.

Lately, I've noticed that there a lot of new readers stopping in for a visit. I decided it would be fun to get to know you.

I'll go first!

♥ My real name is Jacqueline. I kind of wish my name was something kooky like Luna or Star, but I've learned to love my name as it is. Just call me Jacque for short, please.

♥ I love animals more than anything. I seriously cannot sit through a movie or television show if an animal is injured or abused. It hurts my heart.

♥ I'm very sensitive. And shy! Oh, so shy! 

♥ I love photography, sketching, origami, scrapbooking, doodling and coloring in coloring books!

♥ I think life is more fun for a quirky girl!

I would love to hear a little bit about all of you, old & new readers. I would also love it if you would leave your information if you have twitter or your own blog. I'll definitely stop by your blog & start following you on twitter!

Sending out lots of positive vibes!!

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13 Quirky Comments

  1. I love your blog so much! My name is Raphaela and I'm from Roswell, New Mexico. I love anything and everything vintage. I also like to write poetry. My twitter user name is raphaelarose and I would love it if you followed me. I'm still working on getting a blog. I don't have enough time to dedicate to it, but I do love reading blogs.

  2. Hi Jacque!

    I'm AnnieBelle [real name Anna but I don't really care for it]
    I absolutely love your blog.

    Anyway, a bit about myself.

    Ever since I was a little girl I have loved Hello Kitty.

    My favorite color is Mint Green.

    I love animals and have no shame in petting and talking in a baby voice to random peoples pets.

    I borderline idolize Helena Bonham Carter and Reese Witherspoon.

    I wear big dorky glasses.

    I love all things 60's


    I blog because I just moved to Southern Utah from Los Angeles and there ain't nothing to do here =]

    I would love to hear from you, Darlin'
    Twitter: Hellakittyyyy

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  4. Hi Jacque! :)
    My name is Meredith. I'm from Spartanburg, South Carolina. I'm new a blogger here! I'm going to be in college soon.

    I love:
    -I have four favorite colors.
    -I love animals too. When I get my own place, I want two or three dogs.
    -Your blog, it puts me in a good mood. Always.
    -I'm a typically homebody girl.
    -I like to be with friends but most of the time, I like to have my alone time.
    -Blogging helps me let out my frustrations but SINCE I've joined blogger really helps me, be creative. Which takes me from one mood to another.
    My twitter: gahleemere

  5. Hi Jacque! This is fun!
    My name is Sarah and I've been following your blog for a few months. I love it so much! Thanks for sharing your message of positivity! Its contagious (in a good way!)

    Things and things:
    -I have a glittery hot pink bass guitar. My reason for playing it is because its glittery and pink. ha!
    -I love little creatures especially hamsters and gerbils.
    -I used to color my hair a lot. I was blonde, fire engine red, blue, purple, and orange.
    -Sewing is my hobby, someday I would like to make a dress or an apron.
    -I am obsessed with handmade soaps.
    -When people ask me where I'm from, my favorite answer to give is, "Earth".

    twitter: bennyville

  6. *waves* Hiiiiiiiii :)

    Hi My name is Tuesdai.

    I love ketchup and the color pink.

    I'm observative, witty, creative, down-to-earth and VERY humorous.

    I LOoOooOooooOooOve answering emails while cache' mochas! If I could answers emails and mocha's all day, I'd be the happiest and most peaceful. Which is probably why one of my favorite movies are "You've Got Mail." Don't you just love the thought of meeting the man of your dreams via chatroom?? hehe Who wouldn't :)

    I like meeting people who are like minds.

    I adore simple-crazy fun.

    I HATE inconsistent people...they can't be trusted.

    I laugh ALOT! ahaha.

    I like to think of myself as an open book: A true personal story from the experiences that I've learned from and lived through, always enough to share with others. Treating my life like story time on a rainy day; I like to paint the picture of my life through Laughter, Pain, and Happiness.


  7. correction * I love answering emails and drinking cafe mocha's. If I could answer emails and drink cafe mochas all day...

  8. Hi there Jacque, I'm an anonymous blogger who has just tonight stumbled across your blog. I'm not really sure how I got here (I have many Firefox tabs open!) but I have been scouting about the net for new blogs to become addicted to and I love the positivity that oozes from yours.

    I have recently abandoned a blog that I wrote for three years to start afresh in a new corner of the internet. If you're interested in having a read, you can find me at and I tweet at (I just followed you actually).

    But a few facts about me:

    - I'm a girl who's a little too close to 30 for comfort ;)
    - I live in suburbia just outside of London.
    - I survive on a diet of toast. I wish this was an exaggeration.
    - my favourite number is 3.
    - I'm an ESFP (delighted to see your mention of MB on your about you section) and my other half is an INTP. I find him impossibly logical and detached at times. He thinks I'm an irrational, hysterical banshee.

    I've added your blog to my RSS reader and look forward to hopping around your pages. Thanks for giving me a little lift tonight, what a lovely blog you have.

  9. Hi Jacque!
    I've been following your blog for a couple of months and it always cheers me up!
    -I'm Jamie
    -I twitter @GreySkySaturday
    -I obsess over snowboarding, music, makeup&fashion, and books
    -I love pretty food
    -I don't necessrily love to eat though
    -I generally hate my original hair color
    and I'm often random


  10. Hi! I'm not sure if you find me familiar but I've been a reader of your blog for quite a while. I don't regularly comment though. Hee.

    I'm Stephanie and I live in a sunny 'island' named Singapore! It's just a tiny red dot on the map. I'm a huge fan of Winnie the Pooh and I have quite a bit of Pooh collections. ;P

    Drop by my blog if you have the time! :)

  11. Hey! I'm Mary! I'm 23. I work at a psych rehab and I'm really close to getting my Bachelor's Degree in psychology (finally!!!). I LOVE color and my favorite is yellow. I'm really involved in mail-art/snail-mail and my 'alias' is 'maryhassound'. I'm on the 365 days of mail-art blog and my own blogger account. People complain I leave glitter and/or sequins wherever I go but I take it as a compliment.

    I love your blog and your spirit. <3

  12. Hello, nice to meet you!
    I really wish you all the best, because i often think of you and say to myself, you should be more positive, like Jacque!

    My real name is Lora & i'm 21 year old. I live in Croatia (EU) & study fashion design, next year i'm gonna attend costume design on thesis.

    I'm a vegetarian & i love animals more then people, because animals are so honest and pure. I'm glad that you said something similar, because when i tell people that i can't see a movie where an animal gets injured (even if it has a happy ending) cuz it breaks my heart, they laugh at me. When i say i love animals more then people, they tell me that i'm better when my mouth are closed. Not everbody, but few people in my life.

    I love to draw, specialy fashion illustration, i find that as my therapy, and every drawing is very personal to me.
    I would really love to live in London, but we'll see...

    Anyway, nice to meet you!




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