A Self Love Journal Entry

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dear Jacque, 
I'm writing this letter because I know how hard things have really been on you lately. You always try so hard to be brave and put on a happy face for everyone else, but you can't hide all of your struggles & pain from me. I just wanted to remind you that when things start getting rough, you need to love yourself the most. When plans fall through, and they will as life goes on, you shouldn't blame yourself or punish yourself for life's whims. There are times when you can be so strong. You stand up for yourself & what you believe in. You can shine brightly and fill up the entire room with your marvelous presence. But other times, you let snide comments and jealous people steal your confidence and you allow yourself to be torn down. It really hurts to see you fall down. 

I just want to remind you how amazing you are when you just accept yourself...and love yourself despite all of your quirks & flaws. I know that you think self love is this complicated process of learning and challenging yourself, but I think it's much more simple than all of that. I think self love is just a simple decision that you make every day to cherish your flaws, give yourself what you need to be healthy, and to celebrate all of your accomplishments, big & small. I think that true self love is accepting the fact that you may fall down and fail completely, but you will get back up and try again tomorrow. It's knowing that you are worth the effort. 


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4 Quirky Comments

  1. Such a sweet letter to yourself! I need to write one to myself now!

  2. Sweet and sincere. On my blog I too write letters to myself or express what I want to say on paper... One thing I've learned this year that's help me through some exremely rough moments: The darkest hour is just before day :-)Stay encouraged.

  3. This was such a sweet letter to yourself. I really want to start writing letters like this too, but I never seem to have time. I'm feeling pretty encouraged to start making more time for myself.


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