Happy Shark Week!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sharkweek begins today!!! 
SQUEE!! How are you going to celebrate Sharkweek?? Are you going to watch all the shark shows on the Discovery Channel?? Or go swimming with the sharks at your local aquarium? Or adopt a shark?? As for me, I'm going all out for shark week! This is definitely one of my geekiest times of the year, but I love it all up! I have had all of my toy sharks out on display for at least a week, and I've watched nearly all of the shows from last year's Sharkweek. I'm obviously a little bit too excited for my favorites, Airjaws & Into the Shark Bite! I drew you a shark coloring sheet which is enclosed below. ALSO, I wrote a poem about sharks:

A Shark Haiku by Jacque 

Darting like an arrow
Beedy eyes and pointy teeth
Sharks swim in the deep.

Sharks above drawn by me for coloring!

Have a happy day & a fantastic SHARKWEEK!!

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6 Quirky Comments

  1. I have no idea what sharkweek is, but I think this is all really cute. I just printed out the coloring sheet for my office friends to color. We've been so bored lately anyways.

  2. Your shark haiku is adorable! My brother watches shark week every year and now I'm thinking about joining him. Such a cutie post

  3. Oh, just fabulous timing, Discovery Channel! I leave for a SCUBA trip thursday!!! I'm afraid I can't watch for occupational reasons this year...

  4. Oh, thank you! I didn't even know it was shark week but you better believe I'm going to be glued to The Discovery Channel all week. I wonder if "Shark Week" is a valid reason to call in sick to work?

  5. SHARKSSS!!! :) I think these sea creatures rock the seas :) they are just soooo majestic :) thnxxx Jacque I'm soooo going to color this :)
    keep smiling! :)


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