Top 5 Wishlist: What I'm Obsessing Over At The Moment

Thursday, July 07, 2011

What I'm Obsessing Over At The Moment!

I'm listening to The Beatles & sipping on an ice cold lemonade while composing this blog! It's scorching hot here in Texas!! To be honest, I'm starting to miss the lovely French Riviera & Paris a little bit! The weather was always very agreeable with my hair. My bangs have been permanently plastered to my forehead ever since we got home from Europe. So hot & sticky! But I just adore summer despite the heat! The perfect summer day should consist of snowcones, hammocks, and the smell of sprinklers. What does your perfect summer day include??

I thought it would be fun to make a list of the things I'm drooling over at the moment. I think summer shopping trips are always a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to a little shopping later this month! 

What am I currently obsessed with?? Well...
Anything & everything in the Wild Root Designs etsy shop!! Erin, the owner of the shop, is an adorable & sweet girl who also happens to be one of my friends! Well, she's actually one of my boyfriend's friends, but I've also claimed her as one of my own friends. Check out her store!! She has some mad jewelry-making skills! These are just a few of my favorites from her shop!

Betsey Johnson's newest handbags!!! I especially want the pink one!! Alas, I'm also very poor after being out of the country for an entire month. I need to start saving NOW!!

Mexican sugar skulls!!! I have seen them EVERYWHERE! 

These pink glitter Lita platform boots!!!!!! Aren't they the cutest shoes you've ever seen?? Slightly impractical, yes...but SOOO adorable!! I can imagine myself having a magical day of adventures while wearing these delicious boots! Remember, heels are always more comfortable if they have a slight platform! That's a perfect excuse to buy them, right??

Deux Lux has the CUTEST wallets in the world!! I'm in need of a new wallet!! I think I may need the bright pink wallet soon!

What about you, Lovely?? 
What are you obsessed with right now??

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5 Quirky Comments

  1. I'm really into buying moleskines right now. I also really really want an iPad 2!

  2. I'm crazy about......

    - my new beads I bought- I have lovehearts beads and dr.pepper cans, and so much more. They are so cute-I do jewellery making as a hobby!

    -Vegetarianism. I'm a vegetarian and I've always loved it.

    -Jelly Belly jelly beans- I love these sweets they're so yummy


    Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows part 2

  3. I love your blog! In case I haven't mention it before. I am also obsessing over friendship bracelets, bangles, new restaurants, and dresses :)

  4. you've seen on my blog, the Lita shoes are my current obsession!
    too gorgeous! the pink sparkley ones ARE a little impractical but it would be like investing in art!


  5. I bought my first ever Betsey Johnson handbag the other day -- the Gun Metal Leopard Metallic tote. I can not wait to get it!

    I also love sugar skulls. I might do a sugar skull makeup design for my next zombie crawl.



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