A Week Full of Happiness!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hello, Lovely Friend!! I just got home last night from a very busy weekend in Oklahoma with my boyfriend & his family. I had an amazing time, too!! We spent most of Saturday afternoon out on a boat, swimming and riding an inner tube. I also got an excellent tan! What kind of adventures did you have over the weekend??

My birthday is in exactly ONE WEEK! Ah! I really super duper want to go to Sea World and see all of the sharks & Shamu! We're trying to put together some plans to celebrate my birthday before the summer ends. Do you have any suggestions for a whole batch of birthday adventures??

 I just wanted to wish you a week full of happiness!!

♥ Jump for joy & celebrate all of your little accomplishments! ♥ Go out and have adventures! ♥ Soak up the last little bits of summer! ♥ Get excited about life! ♥ Smile more, love more, and live everyday for yourself!

Sending you lots of positive energy!

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4 Quirky Comments

  1. Your blog is always so cheerful and encouraging! Thanks for being a little ball of sunshine and cheering me up!

  2. I hope you have a happy week too!

  3. lovely post!! :) and i hope your enjoy your birthday and have fun at SeaWorld :D

  4. hello :) i just found your blog because i was searching for a google image of shark week (because i'm so excited), and i found you! i also love shark week and have a blog with a polka dot background. maybe we should be friends :)



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