20 Ways to Find Inspiration for Blog Writers!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I have always loved writing. Even at a very young age, I can remember keeping a journal and writing the most fabulous stories. I even recall a time when I kept a spy journal just like Harriet the Spy. When I was in middle school, one of my closest friends and I wrote stories together by exchanging a notebook throughout the day. I loved writing because it was a creative outlet for my whimsical & silly imagination. I could create my own idea of how I thought the world should be. If I didn't like the outcome of a movie or book, I could think up my own ending and write it down. 

I have never considered actually studying English or writing professionally. True, I love to read and write, but there is just something a little bit too scary & intimidating about the world of academic English. I'm always afraid of making a mistake, wording my thoughts improperly, or failing miserably to grasp the English language. I'm terrified of being told that my poor spelling skills and occasional grammar errors make me a horrible writer. Because of all of these reservations, I definitely flourish in the blogging world as a writer. I love being able to write without the fear of extreme criticism. Although I do consider myself a "blogger", I also feel like an actual writer most of the time.

Recently, I had a friend ask, "How do you think up all of your blog topics and how do you stay inspired?" I squealed in response and immediately jotted down his question in my journal. What a wonderful blog topic, no? So, without further ado, here are a few of my own personal ideas for finding inspiration as a writer.

10 Ways to Find Inspiration for Blog Writers!

Look at colorful and visually pleasing photos on a photo database such as pinterest, tumblr, or weheartit★  Have a special playlist filled with low key music to put on when writer's block strikes. ★  Read lots of different blogs, books, magazines, and newspapers. ★  Grab some crayons or markers and doodle mermaids and unicorns until your mind is clear. ★  Keep a working list of blog topics with you and jot down ideas as they hit you. ★  Change your writing scenery by grabbing your laptop and working on your blogs in your local park or coffee shop. ★  Utilize writing software such as OmmWriter for Mac. ★  Give yourself permission to write without worrying about grammar, spelling, etc. Edit your writing only after you have finished a significant amount. ★  Hang up inspiring pictures, quotes, and magazine clippings near your writing area. ★  Bring back old blog topics that were successful and turn them into weekly or monthly features. ★  Write on a daily basis by answering emails, filling out your organizer, and documenting your thoughts in a journal. ★  Carry around a ratty old notebook or journal and write down your most random thoughts throughout the day. ★  Create a skeleton of your blog post by writing down simple words to indicate what you wish to write about, organize the words in the desired order, and fill in the blanks when you are ready to compose your post. ★  Channel your favorite celebrity and write while using their voice as your inner monologue (it sounds ridiculous, but IT WORKS!). ★  Jot down a short list of all of the things you're currently interested it. ★  Stop stressing about being perfect. ★  Snap a picture of your pets, your current hairstyle, or your best friend for a short blog post while you work on more complicated topics. ★  Meditate and quiet your mind.★  Go for a short walk and notice all of the little things you would normally disregard. ★  Allow your friends, family, and readers to inspire you with their questions and personal interests. ★ Write about what makes your heart race wildly, even if you think no else is interested. They will be, I promise.★ 

What inspires you, Lovely Writer?

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4 Quirky Comments

  1. All of these ideas are really great. I have writers block all the time so I will use these if I have trouble thinking of what to write about.

  2. i love love love all these ideas! sometimes i need something exactly like this! and i must say, your blog is absolutely lovely- all the inspiration, positivity and cuteness make my day!! :)

    visit my blog!

  3. Thank you so much for writing this beautiful post! I've been feeling blah about my blog lately (feeling "blah-g"?) and this was really inspiring :) And thanks for telling me about ommwriter too - I'd never heard of it before and it looks AMAZING!

  4. Hey! Your new follower here! Visited your blog accidentally, actually! But its a nice accident, I must say. You've got a real great blog here and I liked it!
    I respect how you keep everything so real and be honest with yourself as well as with the people who read it. Keep it up! I loved the way you write your feelings.. kind of how a girl ACTUALLY feels. I'm impressed. :)

    From India with love,


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