Mad About Planners: Moleskine, Filofax, and More!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mad About Planners! Back-to-school has always been an exciting time for me because I'm absolutely cuckoo for office supplies. I become giddy while perusing the aisles of the various office stores in town for fountain pens & post-its. I've been on an ongoing hunt for an amazing planner all summer. The only dilema has been that I'm extremely particular about my organizers. I have used just about every type of planner out there, but I'm still on the search for the ultimate organizer. I've mentioned before that I've been considering a filofax, but I'm still not completely sold. Recently I received a lovely email from a reader asking what my recommendations for a new planner would be, so I decided to put together a post all about planners!


Time.Mine planners are probably my favorite planner company. I've used their colorful planners for several years and always enjoyed the artwork on the covers and the detailed agendas on the weekly pages. They make three types of planners: Time.mine, family_time.mine, and life.time.mine. The only reason I'm considering an alternative planner is because the wire binding holding the planners together has often unraveled after a little bit of wear & tear. I would suggest carrying this planner in your handbag to keep it in good condition rather than shoving it in a bulky messenger bag or backpack.

Moleskine colour a month planner
This Moleskine planner features a colorful assortment of mini planners for each month of the year. It's customizable & perfect for the creative individual. I only used a Moleskine colour a month planner for one semester. It was definitely not my favorite because I prefer a planner that isn't quite as segregated by month or as tiny (my handwriting is ginormous!). Some people really love this planner though, so don't be discouraged if you are a Moleskine-a-holic. Also, Moleskine offers a wide variety of other organizers so check out their website if you already enjoy their notebooks.

It seems as though everyone has recently become obsessed with the Filofax organizer. I must admit that my interest was sparked after the authors of several big time blogs wrote about their love of the Filofax. Nevertheless, I'm still not one hundred percent sold because a few of my friends with their own Filofaxes have given the organizer bad reviews. Some people simply find the Filofax a little too bulky. The main reason I feel drawn to these organizers is because they are so customizable & unique. Also, instead of buying a new planner every season, I can simply buy new inserts. The Filofax website also offers many different accessories for the organizer. I think it's actually a lot of fun to be given the opportunity to put together your ideal planner. What are your thoughts on the Filofax??

Lilly Pulitzer
While searching for planners, I came across Lilly Pulitzer's online boutique. In addition to her adorable dresses & accessories, she also sells stationary & agendas.  Her agendas are very cute & affordable. To my surprise, a few of my friends actually own a Lilly Pulitzer planner and they all gave her two thumbs up. 

I've noticed a lot of people have started using their phones, tablets, and laptops as an organizer. I tried using the calendar on my iPad, but it didn't really work for me. Because I'm a fantastical personality, I have trouble with things that aren't tangible and visible at all times. Some people have a lot of success with their tablets, and if you are a gadget girl (or guy), you should definitely look into organizing with your tablet, laptop, phone, or google calendar. 

Paperchase makes a wide assortment of stationary, office supplies, and agendas. Their planners are simple, cute, and afforable. If you want a no-fuss planner, go for Paperchase. 

I must admit that I have used Sanrio planners before. I'm not crazy about their planners because they are very simple. They are geared more towards younger girls and would make a perfect gift for a younger sister or niece going into middle school or high school for the first time.

Dry Erase Calendar
I absolutely adore dry erase calendars! They definitely work for visual people, and they're easily modified for every month. I found this calendar on etsy. The only problem with these calendars is that you can't take them with you on the go. They do work well for offices and craft rooms. 

The journal/planner is a definite must for anyone who loves to plan their days out in great detail. The idea is to find a journal  and use it as a planner as well as a diary. It's perfect for those of us who love to make long to-do lists and goal lists. The only downside to this method of planning is that it takes up a lot of time. I had trouble keeping up with my planner, especially on those busy days when I didn't have a lot of spare time to write in my agenda. It's a perfect solution for the detail-oriented. 

Index Cards
Sometimes I still use index cards when I'm feeling particularly stressed. I just carry around a small book of cards and jot down reminders and to-do lists. It's perfect for the minimalist who just wants a place to keep their obligations and notes. 

Self Made
Making your own planner or organizer inserts is a wonderful option for the super picky, just like me. I may end up making my own planner inserts on the computer if I can't find what I'm looking for. The best part of making your own planner is that you can customize it for your own personal needs. You can also buy planner sheets on etsy and build your own organizer. 

I think we are all so different and our planners should reflect that individuality. Choose an organizer that compliments your productivity personality. Not sure what that is?? Take a quiz here

What type of planner do you use??

Sending lots of positivity your way!!

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14 Quirky Comments

  1. I was just looking at planners in Target today. This post is so awesome. I think I'm gonna buy a filofax now.

  2. I love this post because I love planners now I am going to have to look into some of these!



  3. I am a lover of all things office supplies as well! I have purchased many many MANY planners, and a couple of months ago purchased my Filofax. I love it!! I highly recommend it!! Like you said you can fully customize and decorate it to your hearts desire!!

  4. I've had the small Lily Pultizer planners for 2 years now. OBSESSED! I get tons of compliments too on how cute it is :) Great post! I love organizing too! -Andi

  5. I love planners ,journals organiziers and even index cards.I dont know why? But you're post
    is cool :).

  6. I wholeheartedly recommend Filofaxes! There are so many different styles, colours, sizes, leather/non-leather, stretching across different price ranges, you are bound to find something that will suit your style! And if people say it gets too bulky for them, remember that it all depends on you and how much you put in it that decides on how bulky it becomes. For example, you don't have to put the whole year's diary in it; also you can chose a smaller size e.g. the pocket size, and then it will weigh less because it's smaller! If you want some help with all this, go on, where there are loads of Filofax fans and a question/answer session every Tuesday and Friday, and we will all help answer your questions and give you advice!

  7. I love this post! I recently purchased a Vera Bradley student planner and I cannot wait for it to get here. My only issue is the few designs they had. They are completely perfect for the school year. There are enough lines for each day and a monthly calendar for at-a-glance. I cannot wait! I' definitely recommend. I'm always having a lot of difficulty choosing the right type of planner :)

  8. Oh my word, I'm in such a dilemma! I'm such a nerd and in my head I'm super organised, too! I'm Monica from Friends, in that I like everything to be organised and have a place (in theory!) - sadly though, I can't always follow that up...
    I'm just about to start the first year of my second degree. During my first degree I always had a large planner - A5 size and either page-a-day or week on two pages. I found that I just don't tend to use my diaries, especially towards the end of the year. I have huge handwriting so the small ones are no good for me, but I didn't like carrying a massive heavy novel-like diary around every day with the page-a-day one.
    I just don't know what to do - I've bought a slimline week to view diary from WHSmith, and that cost around £12 but it's just so basic!
    I'm on a very tight budget. Filofaxes are appealing but again, there isn't a lot of space in the pages if your handwriting is big and they're quite bulky regardless of what you insert!
    I just don't know! Help me?!

  9. ribbonsandropes: I definitely understand your frustration about finding the perfect organizer on a budget. I have tried so many different types of organizers just to be disappointed. I scoured several WHSmiths this summer when I was in the UK, and I was not impressed with their organizers. Like you said, they are just too basic.

    I also have big handwriting, and I was very skeptical about the filofax. I bought a personal sized Metropol a few weeks ago and I'm loving it. It was about £27 in price. It's the perfect size to avoid being bulky. In order to address the handwriting issue, I bought line-less week on two pages calendar inserts and to do list inserts. This cuts down on the bulkiness and gives you plenty of room for appointments and to do lists.

    I know that makes several planners that have big open boxes for your appointments. A similar planner may be a better option for you. I always feel like a caged animal when I can't fit my handwriting inside the tiny lines of an organizer. I definitely understand!

    The thing about organizers is that they really aren't for everyone. Some people just do better without them, and there is nothing wrong with that. I know I can function just fine without an organizer on a weekly basis, but I'm terrible with remembering dates and birthdays months in advance. Perhaps you just need a place to jot down important dates and reminders rather than a structured organizer. If you find yourself not using your organizer, you may just be more productive without one.

    Hope this helped! Please feel free to email me if you have any other questions!

  10. Hi Quirky Girl,

    Awesome post about planners! I'm a big fan too. So much even, I've started designing and selling them at Etsy. I've just posted a giveaway at the blog ( I thought maybe you'd like to know ;)

    Have a great day/evening,

  11. Hey, I love your entry about planners! I'm using one called Belle de Jour Power Planner (available here in the Philippines), it's so girly and chic. I wanted a simpler one like the Galison Fun Planner, but I cannot find it here anywhere, so I settled for the BDJ.It contains menstrual tracker and a vacation planner among other things.

  12. I just got the small vinyl M-series planner from staples that is super affordable and customizable. also it doesnt have wire spiral so it doesnt get bent out of place. instead it has plastic rings that you can fold the cover around and write on it. it comes in leather too ($14.99). my old one was russel and hazel from the container store and was expensive for the binder and the refills, and because it was chipboard the binding just started falling apart!

  13. Hi I was browsing for some planner reviews (being a planner addict that I am) when i stumbled upon your blog. This review of yours was really helpful so thank you!

    As I have read that you are still in search for the ultimate planner I would like to recommend a planner that I have been using for years now, the Belle de Jour Power Planner. It is a planner designed for girls which I think has everything we need in it; of course it has the monthly and weekly page. Before each month's weekly page there is a page where you can write your goals for that month, they also has this life tips and some words of encouragement which comes with an amazing art. I also love how the weekly page has wonderful quotes for you and also has this part on top where you can write your weekly goals and the things you are grateful for.

    Now these other features of the planner for me is what really sets it form other planners that I had, it has menstrual tracker, bills tracker, cash flow tracker, yearly checklist (suggestions of fun things you can don within the year), health tracker, habit tracker (where you can track of a habit you want to start or stop), vacation planner, dream board, yearly goals and their newest feature for their 2014 planner the blog ideas page. I'm not sure if I have mentioned all of its features but I'm telling it really has everything in it.

    This planner comes in leather cover, wire bind, and book bind. And just this year you can customize your planner by having your name printed on it (you have to preorder this online though). It also has some stickers with it, a back pocket where you can put anything, a big clear pocket and a small clear pocket for coupons I guess, ribbon bookmarks and an elastic band. BDJ planner's size is just the way I want it, not too big and not too small. It is big enough for me to write and use it comfortably, and it is small enough for me to fit it in my bag wherever I go.

    Another thing is it also has coupons (and by coupons I mean LOTS of them) from their partners and this varies from food coupons like coffee shops to clothes, shoes, spa, accessories, beauty products, it even has a parking coupon and a whole lot more. Aside from this it also has this lifestyle card where you can also get discounts if you avail something from their partner shops and get invites and access to their events. Sad to say that these coupons and lifestyle card will only be useful to those in the Philippines. You can avail the planner online on their website however as of now as what I know shipping fee outside Philippines will be paid by the buyer. But if you know anyone from Philippines I think you can ask them to buy it for you (it's available in local bookstores).

    Aside from BDJ Power planner they also have this Campus BDJ for students. The makers of this planner also has the Navi planner, as what I know the name is a shortcut for Life Navigator, I think this planner also pretty has lots of features in it like the BDJ but I think it can be used by both gender.

    Here are some pictures of their 2014 planner on their facebook page

    This is also their site where you can check out the planner and order online

    Just so you know I am in no way affiliated to anyone from Belle De Jour Power Planner, I am just a planner addict who wants to share this great product with you. There are also lots of blog reviews for this planner in case you might want to know some more about it. I hope you can give it a try because I have been loving it eversince, and eventhough I am keeping my options open for other planners, BDJ planner still sets the standard for me and as of now I can say it is my ultimate planner. That is all, have a good day!

  14. franmklic covey binder in classic, print my own pages but I have used theirs for years and may go back. you can get loose leaf or bound. Love my red leather palnner cover. Just got a filofax personal size becasue my kids are all grown and I am trying to downize. Still keep going back to FC because I too, write ginormous


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