Quirky Resolutions for August!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I know we are already 10 days into August, but I really wanted to make a little list of goals & resolutions for the remainder of the month. Lately, I have found that I'm more productive when I approach my to-do lists with a positive attitude. I think it's easier to get more accomplished when you set yourself up for success. I've also been trying to work with my personality type. I took this awesome quiz to find my productivity personality and discovered that I'm a fantasical. What about you?? 


Resolutions for AUGUST!

Organize my closet. I need to clean out a lot of old clothes & bag them for donation, organize several outfits and have them ready for those days when I'm in a mad rush, pull down my fall handbags from the top shelf, and make more room for some new clothes. 

Create an inspiration board.I've been dying to create an inspiration board all summer, but I've been too busy. The other day, I saw some cork board at the craft store and decided it would be a fun project. I've already started cutting out pictures from my favorite magazines and putting together collages. I'm very excited. 

Stop working against my personality type. I honestly had no idea that we all have different types of productivity. After reading a little more about my personality type, it makes sense that some productivity tips have never worked for me. I hate putting anything in alphabetical order, I cannot stand minimalist organization, and I'm a complete failure with repetitive routines. I'm really motivated and encouraged about changing things up and working with my personality type rather than against it. 

Get active. I've been so busy for the past few months, and I have really neglected my workout regime. I'm always happier when I'm running around, dancing, and hitting the gym a few times a week. I'm determined to get more active! 


Other little resolutions...

Bake cupcakes for my friends ★ Instagram more pictures  Make a photo collage for my best friend  Stay motivated & positive ★ Read more ★ Send out cards to my family by the middle of the month ★ Take George & Apollo to the vet ★ Buy a new camera ★ Eat more fresh fruit ★ Go vintage store shopping ★ Make the people in my life feel important ★ Kill rude people with kindness ★ Tweet more inspiring quotes ★ Go to an aquarium.

What are your resolutions for the remainder of the month?? How do you stay productive?

Lots of love & positivity!

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  1. This and all of your posts are very cute. I'm a first time reader of your blog, but I already love it all so much!

  2. hi love, just wanted to take a few seconds to say thank you for brightening up my day with this obserdly perfectly pink blog of yours! your very insperational and make me want to dance around with a big smile on my face blowing glitter filled bubbles !

    thanks sunshine!
    Loveee LaurénRenée


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