Top 5 Wishlist: What I'm Obsessing Over At The Moment!

Monday, August 29, 2011

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Hello, Dear Friend! Although we have never met each other in person, I truly feel connected to you through the magical energy of the universe & the wonderful webs of the internet. I hope we can become the best of friends and have our own virtual tea parties. I'll definitely bake some lemon squares if you brew up the Scottish breakfast tea.

I'm listening to Kate Walsh's Tim's House right now as I compose this post. It's one of my favorite albums ever. I'm beginning to develop my autumn style as summer begins to wind-down. I'm still sporting my sundresses, flipflops, and oversized sunglasses. After all, it's still 106 degrees Fahrenheit outside! Despite the unrelenting heat, I'm actually quite excited for autumn. I love the season filled with fallen leaves, cinnamon sticks, and pumpkin patches. 

Lately, I've been obsessed with motorcycle boots, vintage-style jewelry, and quirky accessories. I thought it would fun to compile a top-5 list of the things I'm obsessing over for the fall.

Top 5 Wishlist: What I'm Obsessing Over At the Moment

Frye Engineer Boots! These motorcycle boots are absolutely perfect for autumnal escapades! I need them in every color!

Antique & vintage style jewelry from A Nordic Rose etsy shop! I adore her style of jewelry. It meshes perfectly with my current obsession in pearl jewelry. I'm lusting after several freshwater pearl rings, and I just splurged on a pair of pearl stud earrings. 

All things whimsical & quirky in Fred Flare's webshop! It's almost impossible to choose my favorites from this adorably eccentric shop. I'm definitely ordering my very own Holly Golightly sleep mask as soon as payday rolls around!

Floral dresses! One of my friends recently informed me that florals were only for springtime, and I laughed. I adore floral dresses, and I tend to dawn them year-round. Am I breaking some kind of fashion rule? Possibly, but I live in central Texas and it rarely gets cold during autumn. I need cute dresses to wear in the heat of September and October. Plus, I'm not really a rule-follower. No, i don't wear anything edgy or sport a mo-hawk, but I definitely don't have any problems with breaking the rules to fit my style & taste. I also rarely wear pants. Unless I'm busting a move at the gym in a pair of sweats, I'm a skirt-legging-dress-girl.

The quirkiest wall prints from the Collage-o-Rama Etsy Shop!
These are some of my favorites. I'm head over heels in love with the My Fair Lady Cat print!

What are you obsessed with lately?
What are you planning to add to your autumn wardrobe??

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6 Quirky Comments

  1. 1. Minnetonka moccasin slippers:
    2. The same boots you love!
    3. red pumps with matching lipstick
    4. I know this might be dated/not cool...but I want a pair of jeggings and a large bulky snugglely sweater to wear over them.

    I LOVE FALL! Floral can totally be fall...just pick "fall" colors not spring colors like pastels. If you wish...I am not the fashion police...I avoid them at all times. :)

  2. just found your adorable blog! I love everything on this list, especially the boots and the holly golightly sleep mask :)

  3. I absolutly LOVE you're beautiful blog, you've done a perfect job!
    I'm now a follower!!!
    Come check out my blog if you like, I'm also quite quirky;o)
    I own the pair of boots to the far left, I love them with all my heart ;o)

  4. Your blogs a very beautiful.I have no doubts you lonve writting and have passion.Thank you for such incredible pierce of writting.

  5. For starters those boots are ugly but for boots would be cute, and a totz yes on the jewerly and ipod/iphone or cases for them.


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