Fantabulous Friday!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hello, Lovely Friends! It's been pretty quiet around these parts for the past few days. Sadly, I haven't had enough energy to write, read, or tweet much at all. On Tuesday morning, I hit my head on the stone shelf in my shower and gave myself an actual concussion. I'm sort of klutzy, although I hate to admit it, and my grace is probably on the level of a hippopotamus inside a figurine shop. I've been really loopy and tired for the past few days. Thankfully, I just started feeling better after what seemed like an endless amount of sleep. My pets all seemed to sense that I was under the weather because they continuously suffocated me with their cuddles & attention. 

It's a very exciting feeling to be well after a few days of illness. I'm refreshed, well-rested, and dying to compose a blog post! What better way to get back into my blogging routine than to whip up a gratitude list!

Spending time with my besties who live far away Shasta daisies ★ Cloud gazing ★ Ingrid Michaelson ★ Enchiladas with extra cheese ★ Gigantic handwriting ★ Lunch dates with my sis ★ Rain storms ★ Owl Beanie Babies ★ Strawberry cupcakes ★ Picnics ★ Vegetarian casseroles ★ Dreams about having a pet buffalo ★ Cleaning sprees ★ The beginnings of autumn ★ Midnight snacks ★ Bright yellow mums ★ Doodles ★ Rainbow pencils ★ Never-ending pasta bowl at Olive Garden ★ Colorful office supplies ★ George & Apollo, the sweetest fox terrier and cat a girl could ask for ★ Frozen yogurt dates ★ Exploring the children's section of a bookstore ★ Pencil pouches ★ My family ★ Road trips with Zeth ★ Relief from my anxiety ★ My hair, skin, and nails vitamins ★ Amazing readers who send me the loveliest emails & comments!

What are you thankful for today??
Hope you have a FANTABULOUS Friday!!!

Lots of love & positivity!

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6 Quirky Comments

  1. OMG! you were ill? :O Hope you're Ok right now
    Lots of love and wellness!! :P

  2. Glad you're ok...feel better soon :)

    Today I am thankful for fresh air. Peace of mind. Cream of wheat. A working laptop. A loving mom. Laughter. "My Smile." and Good music.

  3. I love the world fantabulous! I always try to use it as much as I can!
    I'm a klutz too. In dancing I always stand on my partners toes and I constantly bump my head on things and slip and fall over. Luckily I'm a pretty robust person!
    Glad to here you're feeling better!
    Love and hugs

  4. Glad you're feeling better!

    I love Ingrid Michaelson too!

  5. I have decided that Fridays could be very stressful. It's the day tests are taken and much work is due. But they somehow end up lovely. U are lovley my darling!


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