Thankful Thursday!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hello, Darling Dear! How was your day?? 

My day was pretty rough. I've started a stress relief section in my filofax where I can scribble, vent, or doodle. Let me just say, I utilized my stress relief pages fully today. I'm just thankful for a quiet evening of movies and blogging to help me get over my day of frustrating circumstances.

As always, I usually bounce back from the doldrums rather quickly, especially when I give myself some time to relax and reflect. I'm hoping that tomorrow will be an excellent opportunity to make up for such a crummy Wednesday. My Thursday of thankfulness is going to be splendidly imperfect & wonderfully whimsical. 

Tuesdays & Thursdays are my favorite days because I don't have any classes. I use these days to get a lot of stuff done. I work out, clean, organize, read for class and work my rear off on my school assignments. I also spend time with my pets, cook dinner, bake cookies, and write blogs & journal entries.

Also, Zeth has been an absolute godsend and a completely, wonderfully, and perfectly amazing boyfriend. Lately, I've been struggling more than usual with anxiety & bad health days. I have a tendency to forget about the important things like square meals & vitamins when I'm feeling down. I'm also much more sensitive. Things have been sort of rocky in certain aspects of my life, and he's been so incredibly supportive through all of my breakdowns and stress attacks. The things I adore most about him is that he loves & accepts me for who I am, even when I'm at my worst. Also, he cooks me dinner, and there isn't anything sexier than a man who cooks!!

Little Bursts of Happiness!

Pizza nights ♥ holding hands ♥  vanilla ice cream cones ♥ fairy tales Princess by Vera Wang ♥ brand new Moleskines ♥ sparkly jewel tone nail polish ♥ doing things that scare me ♥ Freebirds burritos  visiting my best friend, Brittany her adorable beagle ♥  my new bright pink bedspread ♥ Paris Amour lotion from Bath and Body Works ♥ pink lemonade powerade ♥ my purple cambridge satchel ♥ watching True Blood under the covers ♥ unicorns ♥ Duck Tales comic books baking strawberry cupcakes with my sister ♥  The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins ♥ popcorn gerbera daisies  The Lion King in 3D ♥ art museums ♥ going with Zeth to see Shakespeare's Pericles at the Globe theatre of the great southwest ♥ Skins ♥ My pinterest app for iPhone (follow me on pinterest & I'll follow you back! It's so addictive!)♥ glitter explosions ♥ vanilla scented air fresheners ♥ Apollomy furry study buddy ♥ shrimp hibachi ♥  and sleeping late after a long week! 

What are you thankful for today?

Lots of love & positivity!

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4 Quirky Comments

  1. Hi Jacque!!! I must confess I love every post you write! Specially the pictures in the top ^^
    Have a stressfull week is not easier, yesterday I had an stressfull day and today, when I woke up I've noticed that I've lost 2 kg! much stress in a day! So I'm thankful to my lovely bed haha, my charming boyfriend, the late sms in the night, the cereals in the morning and the shower I'll take for having a great non-stress thursday!

    Have a niiiiiiiiice day!! With love!! ^^

  2. I've had a rough day too. I'm really worried about a close friend of mine. I'm not sure what it is but it could be schizophrenia,bi-polar, depression and maybe even something else. She can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality and I'm really worried for her. She's created a fantasy that she's living in. tommorrow some friends and I are meeting up to discuss this issue. She doesn't know that we know about her fantasies. She thinks we know it's all real.

    Now I'm going to go do something positive.

  3. What a cute post, girl! I'm thankful for the weekend being so close and for my family.

  4. hi there,

    it´s the first time i leave a comment on your blog. although it´s not the first time i read your blog ;)

    i really have to say that i love your "thankful thursday"s, the pictures you chose in your whole blog and the way you handle your thoughts (good or bad)

    please keep going like you do!

    many greetings from germany



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