20 Ways to Combat Stress!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oh, Lovelies...I've been struggling a little with my stress levels. Surprisingly, or not so, I'm not alone. I've received at least 5 emails in the past few days about stress. I'm not sure what is going on around the world, but something has really got all of us in a stressful funk. Talk about the pits. 

Happily, I feel very inspired to write about my stress-relief methods. After receiving so many emails regarding stress, I kind of feel like an anti-stress agent, too! I have several ways that I like to employ during my personal times of extreme stress. Of course, you may need to modify them ever so slightly to fit your own needs. 

I view stress as an ugly little monster who likes to run around ruining your day and raining on your positivity parade. The best way to get rid of an ugly little monster is kick him square in the face. In other words, tackle your stressors head on and don't be afraid of the occasional stress-monster.

20 Ways to Combat Stress

Channel your stress into a productive outlet. I often find myself diving head first into a challenging project when I'm feeling stressed. Start working on some research you may have put off, finally organize your closet, reply to emails that have piled up, etc. Finding something productive to occupy your time is a great way to channel your energy into something conducive and give your brain a chance to work out your problems subconsciously.

Get active. I love to hit the gym when I'm feeling particularly frustrated. Also, working up a sweat will release some much needed endorphines to perk up your mood.

Talk to someone who is encouraging & supportive. Sometimes I just need a long talk & a good cry with my best friend, mom, or sister. They all have their own way of helping me talk out my stress & work on ways to improve my situation. It's best to talk to the people in your life who are generally positive & encouraging. 

Indulge in something you enjoy. The best thing for stress is a small bit of chocolate. I like to stash Hershey Kisses in my desk drawer. They are perfect for a stressful day because eating chocolate also releases endorphines. Just be careful not to stress-eat.

Spend some time with a young child or a loving pet. It's impossible to feel bad about life after spending a short while with a happy child or a sweet pet. I always scoop up my cat or have a giggle fest with my younger cousins when I'm having a rotten day.

Go for a long walk. Put on your headphone and listen to your favorite band. Walk until you feel ready to face the world again before heading back. 

Take a hot bath or a long shower. If you are feeling as stressed as I do sometimes, you may not be giving yourself enough time just for you. Draw a hot bath, if possible, pour in some delicious bath salts, and relax. 

Clean your home. I'm an extreme stress-cleaner. Cleaning my home from top to bottom really helps me deal with my stress & frustrations. I find that I clean even more thoroughly when I'm stressed out. It's a great way to channel your stress into something positive. 

If someone is causing you unnecessary stress, sit down and talk it out. Some people can be extremely oblivious and may not even realize that they are causing your stress. Be honest and open with them about how they are affecting you but don't attack them or use cross words. 

Have a dance-a-thon to your favorite tunes. Dance until you collapse on your bed. You will feel ten times better than before your mini dance party. 

Get organized, make a to-do list for the week, and prioritize your tasks. The best way to avoid stress is to stay organized. Start using a planner, make a to-do list for the week, and prepare for your day the night before. Prioritize your to-do list with what needs to be done right away. The rest can wait until you are feeling less stressed.

Spend some time on your favorite hobby. I love to sketch and crochet when I'm feeling stressed. My best friend, Brittany, is an extreme stress-baker. That is stress relief and yumminess is one!

Create a stress journal. Create an escape when you can vent, rant, and rave. Scribble if you need to. Draw pictures of your stressors and scribble them out. 

Put on your comfiest clothes, snuggle up with a warm blanket, and have a movie marathon. I always want to watch Disney movies when I'm feeling really stressed. 

Listen to your favorite comedian, watch a funny video on Youtube, or just talk about inside jokes with your close friends. Laughter is the best medicine. Having a good laugh is the best way to combat some icky stress. 

Meditate or practice yoga. You can also do pilates or tai chi. Just find an activity that is calming & helps you focus your energy.

Eat well, sleep a little more, and take a good multi-vitamin. Don't forget to take care of yourself. The first person to suffer  during times of stress is normally yourself. Stress does some pretty nasty things to our bodies. You need to counter all of those stress side affects by taking care of yourself. Be a little selfish and put yourself first.

Work on a puzzle book, download a mahjong app on your phone, or print out some sudoku puzzles. I like to play DoodleJump on my iPhone or Super Mario Brothers on my Nintendo DS.

Ask for help and be willing to admit that you are overwhelmed. I think asking for help is the hardest thing to do when you're feeling down. But it's also the easiest way to seek help from those most willing to interviene on your behalf. 

Be patient with yourself. And show yourself a little love. You're an amazing person. You'll get through all of this if you just push through and stay strong.

Lots of love & positivity!

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  3. All of these tips are so completely awesome and just what I needed to hear today. I'm in a stress funk too!!

  4. perfect timing.

    trying to focus on the things i can control and not all those external things that i can't change has got me through this week.

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