Glinda the Good Witch Meets Librarian Chic: Fall Fashion for a Quirky Girl

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oh, Lovelies!! I've been extremely busy experimenting with inspiration boards, scouring online boutiques, and shopping endlessly at every mall I come across. All of this has been in search of some wonderful new items to fit into my Fall wardrobe. Now, I'm definitely not a fashion guru, and I certainly don't consider myself an expert fashion blogger. I write about what inspires me and that just happens to include fashion. 

I love to put together outfits on polyvore, read inspiring books such as Nina Garcia's Look Book, shop with my best friends for that perfect pair of boots, and read my favorite fashion blogs. Does this make me a fashionista? Probably not. But it does make me a quirky girl who is very confident in my personal taste. 
I've receive a few adorable & lovely emails inquiring about "my look", and I thought it would be easier to put together a blog post all about my look for the Fall. 

After digging through my closet, I came to realization that I own a great plethora of cardigans, full skirts, floral dresses, colorful crinolines, bow headbands, and leather boots. While working on some outfits on polyvore, I came up with the name of my look for the fall: Glinda the good witch meets librarian chic.  Basically, it's a magical & glittery blend of girly pinks, feminine dresses, leather boots, and librarian sweaters. 

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”
--Coco Chanel

The Essentials for My Closet: 

♥ Patterned tights
♥ Cardigans
♥ Mary Janes & motorcycle boots

♥ Crinoline petticoats
♥ Bows

♥ Cat eye glasses
♥ Glittery nail polish

♥ Teased & retro hairstyles
♥  Floral & lacey dresses

♥ Lots of smoky eyeshadows/cat eyeliner/long eyelashes

♥ Pearls, stars,skulls, and hearts
♥ Totes and satchels
♥ Cute planner and pencil pouch
"A human being is a single being. Unique and unrepeatable."
--Eileen Caddy

I decided to share three outfits which I think epitomize the Glinda meets Librarian look. I'm an avid polyvore user and usually waste away hours of the night building outfits. I thought it would be fun to share three of my creations.

Day look: Usually based around a librarian-esque sweater. I own about a million cardigans in various colors. I'm very modest about my shoulders, so I always throw a sweater over all of my dresses. I carry an oversized tote bag around during the day, which is usually crammed full. 

Night Look: One of my favorite things to do is dress up. I love to wear dresses, even when I'm trying to look more casual. So dressing up for me is more of a challenge. I always throw on a pair of false eyelashes to up the ante of my outfit. I also put on a killer pair of shoes and switch over to a clutch.

Weekend Look: I'm all about being cute yet comfortable during the weekend. I have several very basic dresses that I love to pair with a some flat boots and a comfortable sweater. I'm usually grocery shopping, running lots of errands, and sneaking off to the library on the weekend.

I would love to hear about your look & closet-essentials!!

Lots of love & positivity! 

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11 Quirky Comments

  1. What an adorable post!!

  2. great post! i love this library chick! most of all the petticoats!!! i´m searching for them everywhere but never found the perfect one for me :s

    but thank you for the inspiration to go "stalking" for it again ;)

  3. I love your ideas for fall!
    Call me inspired!

  4. this post makes me so happy just looking at all the cutest in one place!!!! Please do a eye makeup tutorial I need help in that area!

    Have a lovely day


  5. Lovely post, as usual. You have an adorable style!

  6. So lively, shoppy, and PINK!! I like the theme :)

  7. The first time you talk about pinterest I clicked on the link and started making boards! xD I LOVE IT!! It's so funny to take some diffrent clothes and make beautyful collages ^^
    lot of kisses!

  8. I love this post! Where do you like to buy cardigans and dresses? I tend to order a lot of stuff online because shopping is somewhat limited where I live. I find that cardigans always want to separate a little at the bust. What do you do about that?
    Thanks for the great post! LOVE

  9. Hi Jacqui,

    I am in COMPLETE! love with your blog. Shurley one of the best ones out there! I sooooo want to become a follower but by Google Account is playing up at the moment and won't let me.


    Ooh well - I'll sure still be reading your blog all the time! Great great great. And I'm not kidding when I say it's probably one of the best, if not THE best one out there!

    My Blog:

    Izi :)

  10. hi jacque,

    i´m sorry but i´m a bit off topic...

    i´m so inspired by all your pictures, that i want that kind of media-sharing integrated in my own blog. i already got sooo many picture ideas but it seems that there´s no easy way to create collages...... yesterday i spend about 2 hours to search for a online creator (i found and 2 further hours to create the collage i got in mind. can i ask you this "almost lifesaving" question: how do you create your collages???

    i would be sooo happy for a hint!

  11. These outfits are really adorable! I love your style!


Thank you so very much for your lovely comments!