Happy Halloweenie!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloweenie!!

Pumpkins grinning near
All Hallow's Eve has arrived
Skip and hop with glee

Did you like my Halloween haiku?? I absolutely cannot wait to see all of the adorable trick-or-treaters out & about! Handing out candy to all of the little goblins, ghosts, and monsters is my favorite part of the holiday. I just love to see the wide array of costumes & hand out goodies with a generous smile. I've had my candy bought and ready to go for a few weeks. I also love the jack-o-lanters, the smell of cinnamon & spice, caramel apples, and the wonderful Halloween parties. 

Today is such a magical day. It's also Monday, a fresh start to a brand new week. The possibilities for adventures & shenanigans are limitless!

Wishing you magical Halloween, Lovely Friend!

Lots of pumpkin scented hugs!

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5 Quirky Comments

  1. Happy halloween from your newest follower!

  2. Happy Halloween for everyone!!! I love this "party", but in Spain people don't celebrate it so much ¬¬

    I wish one year I could celebrate it in the USA!!!

  3. I actually had a horrible day and I thank you for a sweet post. It was very touching to see that someone out there, loves Halloween just as much as I do. :)

  4. I love Halloween! I made Halloween Candy Bark this year for my trick or treating cousins, and it was a huge hit! (posted the recipe on my blog) Now i'm sitting here a little spooked (no pun intended) because when the family came over, they saw a man laying at the bottom of my driveway :( weird, right? But all in all, a good day!

  5. what did you dress up as??



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