How to Infuse a Craptastic Week With Positivity!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Whelp, Lovelies...I believe I have fallen into what I call a "craptastic" week of complete & utter blahness. I have had the whole shebang when it comes to a crummy week: toothpaste stains, missing shoes, naughty pets, burnt food, rude people with irritating faces, a horrible tummy ache, binders that like to sporadically explode all over the floor, cranky tellers, stressful exams, impatient moods, and much much more. Whew...what a whirlwind! Thankfully, tomorrow is Friday and the week will soon be over. I'm looking forward to a restful & relaxing weekend. 

As most of my friends know, I never stay in a bad more very long. I just love laughing, smiling, and enjoying my life WAY too much to dwell on all of the negativity. Does this make me sound a little bit unrealistic about life? Possibly, but I know that it has enabled me to cope with some pretty craptastic situations in my life and remain positive. I wanted to share a little list of the ways I cope with my bad days.

How to Infuse a Craptastic Week With Positivity!

♥ Take some time to just breathe in & out deeply while relaxing your muscles. Often when we have a stressful week, we get so wound up with anxiety that we tense up all of our muscles and forget to breathe. Find a place to relax just for a few minutes during the peak of your stressful week. I have a sleep mask that I like to put on so I can block out the light and completely let go for a brief time. 

♥ Repel angry & negative people like a vampire slayer with a big hunk of garlic. Like it or not, our moods are greatly affected by the people we are around. If you find yourself surrounded by friends and co-workers who constantly complain and fill their lives with negativity, it's nearly impossible to avoid allowing their negative energy from infiltrating your own situation. True, sometimes you just can't avoid Sarcastic Sally, Rude Rob, and Negative Nelly. But during a particularly crappy week, try to limit your contact from these naysayers. 

♥ Find constructive ways to relieve stress. Stress does some pretty nasty things to our bodies & our energy level. Stress can build up until it causes a massive emotional breakdown. All in all, stress is not good for us. I try very hard to deal with my stress by staying organized and channelling some of my frustrations into something positive. I love to throw on George's leash and go for a walk when I need some time to think, I hit the gym pretty hard when I'm feeling aggressive and tense,I cook or bake when I'm feeling low or depressed, and I watch my favorite movies when I just need to escape from the real world for a little while. What are some of your ways for coping with stress in a positive manner?

♥ Focus on what makes your life amazing. I know it sounds a little too simple to say, "Focus on the positive, Lovely." But that really is the best way to combat an awful mood. I like to create a little gratitude list inside my filofax. When I need something to cheer me up, I read my list and contemplate how wonderful things really are. We often take all of the little things in our lives for granted. Being showered with crap is the perfect excuse to reflect on your blessings. Think about your amazing best friend, your talent for extreme air guitar, your beautiful blonde hair, your ability to tie a bowtie, your comfortable bed, etc. Having an abundant amount of thankfulness in your life is the perfect arsenal against that awful little voice that tells you how awful you should be feeling when things are going down hill. Kick that negative voice in the face with a big dose of positivity!

♥ Don't take crap from people. Sure, we want to be kind, loving, and patient individuals. Yes, we want to love one another, inspire our fellow man, and encourage even our enemies. But during a hellish week, now is not the time to let some bozo mow you down or make you feel like your problems aren't important. Stand up for yourself and let people know that you deserve to be treated with respect. Empower yourself with the courage to call people out if they are causing problems in your life or treating you unfairly. Don't let anyone make you feel like you owe them some kind of explanation for how you are living your life. 

 ♥ Face your problems. I have always been a proactive problem solver. When the world decided to throw all of their crap at you, take up your dodgeball stategery and fight back. I view everyday problems with the same attitude. You may not be in control of everything that happens to you, but you are in control of how you react. Rather than bog down with a problem, begin by brainstorming solutions. Whenever I am dealt the blackbean of life, I immediately begin thinking of ways to remedy the situation. I try very hard to keep my head held high and remain positive. The most important thing to focus on is making decisions & working out solutions that are best for you and your own well-being. Even when things look bleak, hang in there. Things will get better.

♥ Ask for help. Sometimes life overwhelms us and becomes too hard to handle alone. It happens to everyone, so don't let yourself feel alone in this. It takes an extremely strong person to be able to ask for help when they are struggling. Our friends & family(whether by blood or not) are our allies in this life. They fill up our lives with the best kind of love. Turn to that person who cares for you unconditionally and lean on them until you are strong again. 

I would love to hear about how you stay positive during a craptastic week!!

Lots of love & positivity!

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7 Quirky Comments

  1. Hope you'll have a fantastic thursday and a great weekend Jacque!!! Thanks for your positivity...I need it a little now my little brother is in the hospital :S

  2. This is exactly what I needed. Today I felt like s***, everything that could possible go wrong went wrong, so I just feel like cuddling up in my cozy bed, watch a movie and cry a little. Unfortunately I'm at school right now, but this really helped. You've motivated me to continue my schoolwork. Thanks girl, you always bring a smile on my face :)

  3. One day I had a terrible day. Every little thing went wrong. They were little, but as I'm sure everyone knows they add up. Then I got an email informing my bible study that our co-leaders niece had passed away from cancer. My perspective did an immediate focus shift as I realized I had it GREAT. Now I try to be grateful for all the little problems that I can handle. When they start to add up I shake my fist at the sky and say "Bring it!" to the universe/fate/who ever controls those darn little problems and I make it a personal challenge to persevere and make it through. That helps me through my craptastic days and weeks.

    Also, "the blackbean of life" I've never heard that saying before, but I LOVE it.

  4. I hope your week improved and you have a great weekend! <3

  5. Very encouraging. I need to refer back to this on my craptastic days. I had one Sunday. HA HA HA. Hope your weekend was great!


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