Weekly Resolutions

Monday, October 10, 2011

Oh, Monday...why must you always be so hectic? I make the most desperate attempts every week to infuse my Mondays with magical positivity, but sometimes I just have to face up to the defeat.  After all, there must have been a good reason why Prince felt inspired to write a song about how manic Mondays can be. 

I've been feeling very motivated lately and thought it was the perfect time to put together a list of my weekly goals & hopes. I'm always a productivity whiz when I sit down at the start of the week and compose a list of my goals. Coincidentally, I'm also listening to The Bangles sing "Manic Monday" while composing this post!!

Weekly Goals:

Get Active...I really need to make more time for the gym. I only went a few times last week, and I feel like such a bump on a log. I've been so busy lately, and it's starting to take a toll on me. I always feel so motivated & energized when I make more time to work out. 

Take more photos...One of my favorite pastimes is to snap candid photos of my friends, family, and loving pets, but I've really neglected my camera. I need to start carrying my camera in my satchel everywhere I go and pull it out more often. 

Finish reading my library books...I have a small stack of books that I'm about halfway through. I really need to power through them. I love to sit in bed and read a little bit every night before bed. 

Cook more often...I cooked a lot this past weekend and it made me realize how much I love creating delicious dishes of food. I should plan out a few meals for the week and go buy the supplies at the store. Do you have a system for planning out your meals?

Little Resolutions:

Tweet more inspiring quotes & positive messages, walk George more often, clean out my desk drawer, paint my nails, stress less, love myself more, eat more fresh fruit, remember to breathe, smile at strangers, let go of the past & forgive past pains, give people the benefit of the doubt, make some time to read my favorite magazines, take my vitamins, stop comparing myself to others, sing in the shower, encourage others to reach for their dreams, study for my driver's exam, reward myself for my hard work, stop dwelling on anger & make more room for joy, get more sleep, trim my bangs, decorate the house for Halloween, stay in the present moment & stop worrying so much about the undetermined future.

What are your resolutions for the week??

Lots of love & positivity!

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4 Quirky Comments

  1. everytime i wonder "where does she get all those great pictures????" they are fitting your posts sooo well!

    i don´t have a meal plannings system. Although i should for saving more money. please inform us, if you found a good one, i´ll try it too ;)

    and my goals for this week are:
    handle all my to-dos at work till thursday 11 o´clock to start in the worldchampionship-weekend without a bad conscience; this time i´ll try to pack my bags a few MORE hours before "i have to go now"....
    aaand i also have to finish my 2 "i started them, but put them away in the middle, cause i found a BETTER one" books.

    Thank you for your inspiration to think about that. i have to write it down immediately.

    (by the way. my name is nina, i´m from germany, and i love your blog! thanks for that ;) )

  2. First of all, in high school, instead of bells the school would play a song. Every monday, 4 different times (Start, break, lunch, and end of the day), I would hear Manic Monday. High school ruined that song for me! But I can sing it better than most other songs. :)

    I try to sit down and plan out each meal for the week then go shopping for the food. But I also plan in leftover days and days that I know I won't want to cook. That helps prevent buying too much food. Also sometimes I have themed months so that I can use up less common ingredients.

    My resolutions: Cross 2 things off my to-do list and clean my apartment. I am also going to try to stop caring what others think about me (live in the now).

  3. Oh missy I love this post, ps I'm now following you on twitter, because you inspire me to keep positive

  4. I take my camera pretty much everywhere with me, but hardly every remember to actually pull it out and use it! :(


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