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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

1. Halloween candy for the trick-or-treaters.
2. Running errands.
3. Iced caramel macchiato! Yum-zilla!
4. Apollo keeping me company before my sleep study.
5. On the way to the vet.
6. George's pumpkin costume.
7. Colorful daisies.
8. Yummy treats at a Halloween party.
9. Modern art at Petco.
10. Baby sitting Orlando.

Oh, my goodness...I've been extremely busy lately. I had a sleep study last week, many driving lessons, a very lovely Halloween party, study dates with Zeth, and countless nights of rehearsal for The Foreigner. I can't believe it's already November! Soon it will be Thanksgiving!! I absolutely adore the holidays! 

What have you been up to lately?

Lots of love & positivity!

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2 Quirky Comments

  1. I love all the pictures they just made me smile I can't wait for Thanksgiving


  2. You're very pretty.


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